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Saturday , September 11 , 2010
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guzzler woes

q:I currently own a 2005 V6 Honda Accord. It is in very good shape but thanks to its thirst for fuel, it remains more at home than out. Can I convert it to use alternative fuel like CNG or LPG, which are cheaper?

Archit Gupta

a:The previous V6 Honda had a bad reputation as a gas guzzler, which is why it was not popular. It is technically possible to switch to CNG and LPG but I’d not advise that on such a sophisticated car. Try driving the car with a very light foot in traffic, which should yield some results.

dance to the beat

q:I plan to buy a car in the Rs 4 lakh-range. While I like the Chevrolet Beat, friends suggest I go for a Maruti. I need a low-maintenance car for three years. Please advise a buy.

Saakshi Gulati

a:If you like the Beat, you should go for it because it’s one of the better cars in its class with stunning styling, a smooth engine and exciting interiors. While Marutis have a great reputation for low cost of ownership, the Beat isn’t expensive to maintain either. It will last well for three years with trouble-free service.

skoda rocks

q:I want to replace my Ford Ikon 1.6 Zxi, 2002 model, with a car priced within Rs 15 lakh. I’m considering the Honda Civic, Škoda Laura and the Toyota Innova. Please advise. I’m spoilt by the josh of the Ikon, but aftersales service needs to be good too for I have been let down by Ford too often.

Neeraj Gupta

a:If you like the josh of the Ikon, then the Škoda Laura 1.8 TSi is an absolute cracker and the most enjoyable car in its price range. But Škoda’s aftersales service is poor and in fact, Ford has improved in this area. However, Skoda is cracking the whip with its dealers so hopefully the aftersales experience will be good. The Civic isn’t anywhere in this league but it will be easier on the pocket in the long term.

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