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Counsel clue to dump cane

Sangeetha Das,
New Alipore

While it goes without saying that any form of misbehavior should be nipped in the bud, punishment meted out to students should not cause physical or mental harm.

The student should be made to do something productive like clean the campus on a Sunday or maintain the classroom register.

This would also give the student time to reflect on his or her behaviour. Parents and teachers should play an active part in counseling a child instead of playing the blame game.

Spandan Sinha,
Salt Lake

Teachers should interact freely with students. They may consider giving errant students more homework. Students can also be engaged in community work so that they learn to behave responsibly.

Amrita Mallik,
Salt Lake

If children never break rules, there will be nothing called “childhood”. Strict adherence to discipline ruins all the fun of living.

Children usually learn from their families and their daily experiences. To discipline errant students, it will be necessary to modify all that can influence their minds. What about the corruption that we encounter everywhere? Who will stop corruption so that kids do not learn the wrong things.

Communication between students and their family members and teachers should be improved. They should be able share their problems with at least one person without hesitation. Involving them in work that demands responsibility can be very effective.

Shaunak Das,
Serampore, Hooghly

Teachers should make parents aware of the rules set for students and what is expected of them. This guarantees that everyone in the child’s education is on the same page. When a violation occurs, parents would thus be in a better position to understand the disciplinary measures taken.

Teachers should identify potential troublemakers. This would help them stop small problems from escalating into major ones.

Traditional punishment such as making students stand in a corner or wear dunce caps can be effective.

Megha Khanna,
Address not given

No student is born errant. A consultant should be there in every institute to find out why the child is behaving in a wayward manner.

Most students want to get rid of restrictions. The idea behind the restrictions should be explained to them. This will help them grow into mature individuals.

Fazal Hussain,
Park Circus

Students can be punished by being made to stay in school beyond school hours or being asked to write a sentence 100 times. Writing a note to parents can also be effective. These steps will stop students from repeating mistakes.

Teachers should try to understand what prompted a student to flout a rule before being harsh towards him or her.

Indranil Sanyal,

The carrot-and-stick approach might be one of the best ways to deal with errant students. Proper counselling and understanding a child’s psychological needs can help in disciplining students.

Guardians are largely responsible for a student’s upbringing. If a healthy atmosphere is maintained at home, it is bound to influence the student in a positive manner.

No child would want to be confined to home, so guardians must let their children go outside and interact with others and spend some fun time. They must remember that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

D.K. Chanda,
Dover Lane

Students must be told about the benefits of being disciplined in life. People around them must set examples by doing things like switching off their cellphones inside auditoriums. Students often emulate their elders.

Students must also be given incentives for not doing anything wrong. For example, every student can be rated by fellow students and teachers. A weightage could be assigned to the ratings while evaluating the annual performance of the students.

The shortcomings of the students who do not do well should be explained to them. Guardians must be taken into confidence.

A.S. Mehta,
New Alipore

Teachers must warn errant students and keep their parents informed. Schools should have counsellors who can help students mend their behaviour.

stall spy cameras in classrooms. Footage showing a student breaking a rule would allow teachers to explain why he or she was punished.

Schools should also find out if a student is on drugs. The parents should be advised to take students addicted to drugs to rehabilitation centres.

Oishimaya Sen,

It would be best if schools involve students in social work, environmental work and animal welfare activities as a compulsory part of education. Caring for others would make children more responsible and help in disciplining them.

Extra-curricular activities like dancing and singing could also be useful in disciplining students.

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