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Thursday , July 29 , 2010
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Stand up for the gleeks

Get set Glee…. The much-awaited high school musical comedy — which now airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm on STAR World — has been a must-watch since June 25. A brainchild of Ryan Murphy, the show brings alive foot-tapping song and dance performances while weaving in everyday stories of high-school goers. Glee is said to bridge the gap between drama, musical and comedy and it is all these elements that have made the show a phenomenon. Even before Glee arrived in India, fans downloaded episodes of the show from torrents and sang along to the re-invented classics performed by the Glee club members of William McKinley High School.

With all the ingredients of a high-school drama like student-teacher feuds and crushes, race for popularity, cut-throat competition, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, jealousy and heartache, it is a sure-shot youth fave.

“What I love the most about Glee is how it portrays common people achieving the impossible; it shows that life is full of obstacles but they remain optimistic through it all,” says 26-year-old Padmini Nandi who is a self-confessed ‘Gleek’.

The show has also struck a chord with music lovers, who have finally found a show that celebrates popular show songs by the likes of Madonna, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Katy Perry and others.

“I’m a singer and when I watch Glee it makes me want to sing along, I feel like doing a karaoke,” says 21-year-old Amrita Iyer who has been following the show since January by religiously downloading episodes.

The feel-good factor makes it fun to watch while giving viewers the right mix of drama and entertainment. “The songs are brilliant, performances are super and it always leaves me feeling happy,” says Atreyee Sen, 24.

The gossip vine has it that Academy Award winner Javier Bardem — or Mr Penelope Cruz, if you please — will appear this coming season as a rock star and that it was Bardem who pitched the idea to Murphy. It is also rumoured that Katie ‘Mrs Cruise’ Holmes might join the show’s bandwagon.

So who do fans vote as their favourite characters on the show? Rachel Berry for her amazing voice and optimism, Kurt Hummel for portraying a homosexual so well and even cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester who is the so-called bad cop but with a soft side.

The TV phenomenon has turned fans into campers, as theatre groups in Chicago, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Indiana and Utah are offering Glee summer camps for the young (8-17) where the focus is on music and dance from the show.

Technology has logged on as well, with an official Glee application on the iPhone and iPad allowing all those ‘Gleeks’ to sing along with the songs of the show.

Last but not the least the musical comedy is slated to be released in the form of a book based on the Glee gang and it will be put out by August from Little Brown Books.

Whew! (That’s just a four-letter word to match.)

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