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Medical emergency cash heist

Calcutta, Mar 20: Burglars broke into the house of an elderly couple in Salt Lake early this morning and escaped with Rs 2 lakh in cash and gold kept aside for medical contingency.

The burglars cut a grill on the ground floor of the two-storey house in AJ block and entered through it. Police said the gap in the grill was so small that they suspected that a child had been employed to slip in and open the kitchen door at the back for the robbers.

Subimal Chandra Ganguly, 74, a retired engineer, and his wife Basanti, 64, who have been living in the house, AJ 30, for the past 16 years, woke up to find the cupboard in one of the bedrooms, where the cash and the jewellery had been kept, ransacked and the valuables missing.

Basanti said an “insider could have provided” information to the burglars because they seemed to have headed straight for the cupboard where the cash and gold were kept.

“I always keep around Rs 1 lakh in four separate bags in the cupboard because my husband is very ill and needs to be hospitalised often. It’s all gone,” Basanti, whose husband recently underwent a brain surgery, said.

Basanti said she had heard a noise in the early hours today.

“I heard a noise but it was dark and I could not see anything. While going to the bathroom, I noticed that the curtain in the room where the cupboard is kept was drawn. I never draw the curtain. But I was feeling sleepy and ignored it,” she said.

When Basanti woke up again at 6.30am, she drew back the curtain and found the door, which she remembered having closed last night, open and the cupboard ransacked.

“The empty moneybags were strewn on the bed and the jewellery boxes were empty. I had a lot of small gold trinkets, a gold chain and some precious stone earrings,” Basanti said.

She said she had forgotten to take the keys of the room with her before going to sleep last night and had left them in the room where the burglary took place.

The couple, whose son is a doctor in the US, live in the ground floor. The first floor has been rented out to a family who have been away for the past few months.

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