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Saturday , December 12 , 2009
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Golf or Elin for Woods
- World No. 1 golfer willing to ‘do anything’ to save his marriage

London: Tiger Woods might quit golf for sometime in a last ditch attempt to save his ruined marriage after devastated wife Elin agreed to give their relationship another chance for the sake of their kids. The process of damage limitation thus appears to have begun with Woods reportedly exploring ways to save his marriage.

As for his image, the golfer has won a British court order banning publication in Britain of any photos or video showing him nude or having sex.

According to a report in The Sun, Woods, who has been in hiding ever since the November 27 car crash exposed his philandering ways, has told Elin he “will do anything” to save the marriage.

The 29-year-old Elin, who reportedly walked out of the couple’s Florida mansion after the number of women linked to her husband soared to 11, has responded to Tiger’s plea but on a strict “It’s either golf or me” condition.

A close friend of the Swede says she is in no mood to let Tiger travel the world for golfing assignments until their children, two-year-old daughter Sam and 10-month-old son Charlie, are grown up enough to travel with the couple.

“The easy thing for Elin to do would be leave him, take the children and get a divorce. She’d never worry about money again,” the friend was quoted as saying by the tabloid.

“She was close to walking out for good. She decided to stay for the kids’ sake — but on her terms. They have agreed to try and rebuild their marriage, but Elin will be the one calling the shots. It will be a long time before he’s travelling the globe playing golf unless Elin’s by his side,” the friend added.

“Tiger will have to work long and hard to get her to trust him again. Quitting golf shows he is willing to sacrifice something he loves so much to protect his family.”

Ever since he crashed his SUV against a tree and a fire hydrant on the fateful night of November 27, Tiger’s fiercely guarded privacy has gone for a toss.

The golfer, who once enjoyed an impeccable reputation, has fallen from grace with revelations of affairs with a string of women, some of whom are openly talking about the sordid details of the flings.

However, if it is of any comfort to Tiger or to his wife, for whom it is intended, one of the 11 alleged mistresses, cocktail waitress Jaime Grubbs has issued an on-air apology to Elin saying she was “deeply sorry for never considering her” during her 31-month affair with the golf star.

Grubbs told a television show how the world No.1 player “made me feel like I was the only girl” but was quick to add that she “wouldn’t have pursued him if he didn’t pursue me.”

“When he did, I just figured he was single and I didn’t think to ask,” the 24-year-old explained, adding that by the time she realised that Woods had been married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren for the last five years they were “already in a relationship”.

The court order, a copy of which was published by US celebrity gossip website, prohibits the publication in the UK of “any photographs, footage or images taken or obtained of the Claimant naked or any naked parts of the Claimant’s body or of him involved in any sexual activity.”

US and British tabloid newspapers and media websites have published comments from and photos of a parade of women, including cocktail waitresses and porn stars, who have claimed relationships with Woods. Without specifically admitting any of the alleged affairs, Woods has asked that his private life be respected.

The scandal has badly dented the golfer’s until now carefully preserved image as a perfectionist sportsman, which formed the basis of lucrative endorsements of various companies that have helped make Woods perhaps the world’s richest athlete, with a fortune estimated at $1 billion.

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