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Ravi: Sir! Your son has eaten a cockroach.

Father: Hurry! Quickly call a doctor or we have to take him to the hospital.

Ravi: Don’t worry, Sir. The cockroach spray I gave him should cure him.

Shinjini Majumder, Class III, Apeejay School, Salt Lake, Calcutta


Johnny: Do you know where Santa’s toyshop is?

Lily: No.

Johnny: It’s in Japan.

Lily: How did you know?

Johnny: Because the toys, which I got this Christmas has ‘Made in Japan’ written on it.

Aishwarya Gupta, Class VIII, National High School, Calcutta


Bimal: It’s true that television is spreading violence.

Amol: Why do you say that?

Bimal: Because every time I pick up the remote control, my father comes running after me with a stick in hand.

Maitreya Rajan, Class VII, Don Bosco School, Amguri, Assam


Batsman to surgeon: Doctor, will I be able to bat after the operation?

Surgeon: Yes, of course.

Batsman: Great! I never could before!

Saborni Ganguly, Class VI, Modern English Academy, Barrackpore


Patient: Doctor, I have swallowed a bone.

Doctor: Are you choking?

Patient: No, I’m serious.

Raktotpal Gogoi, Class VII, Delhi Public School, Nazira, Assam


Question: What is a cat’s favourite activity?

Answer: Listening to ‘mew’sic.

Somnath Pati, Class VI, St Paul’s School, Rourkela, Orissa


Question: Why are flowers in a garden lazy?

Answer: Because they spend all their lives in flower beds.

Fatema Sayeed, Class VIII, Loreto, Dharamtalla, Calcutta


First man: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.

Second man: I’m so hungry I could eat a moose.

Third man: I’m so hungry I could eat a bear.

Woman: I think I’ve just lost my appetite.

Adittya Pran Borah, Class VII, Carmel School, Digboi, Assam


Rimi: Why is the bear so hairy?

Anshul: Because there’s no salon in the jungle.

Saptargha Saha, Class VII, Hartley’s High School, Calcutta


A lady: Son, which school do you like the most?

Boy: The one that is closed 365 days.

Guneet Singh Tarang, Class V, St Xavier’s Collegiate School, Calcutta


Teacher: Alok, where are the Himalayas?

Alok: Sir, they are in our school atlas.

Samyoraj Banerjee, Class II, Don Bosco, Park Circus, Calcutta

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