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Rosa Catalano
Rosa Catalano. Picture by Pabitra Das

Did you watch Season One? What did you think of it?

I have to say I didn’t watch the first season. I was asked to be one of the participants on the first season, but I had some other work and so couldn’t make it. But I saw it on YouTube and I knew about this kind of show, having seen it in Europe as well as in America. They have done it before. I thought why do people do such crazy things! And here I am doing it; cest la vie (such is life!)!

So why did you agree to do such a ‘crazy thing’?

I found the whole concept of Season 2 interesting and I felt why not. I love doing crazy stuff outdoors and would like to check my fear quotient or rather my courage.

Was Akshay Kumar a factor in your decision to join the show?

I guess he is the right man for this kind of a show. He is a good stuntman and a well-trained person.

Did you prepare yourself in any way?

I did. Of course, I used to swim. I also did Bikram yoga and tried to relax myself as much as I could. I did not prepare any creepy-crawly menu or dishes... because I’m vegetarian, you know.

Which is your worst fear?

What really scares me are people who do not respect others. And when you try to explain to them what really happened they don’t listen. They think they can show their power and treat you worse than any creepy crawly will ever do.

What do you think is your greatest strength against the rest of the girls?

My mind.

Who do you think is your strongest competition?


What is the reaction back home to your decision to be a part of Fear Factor?

They all thought it would be no problem for me. They said you can do that easily. I was pleasantly surprised with the reaction and I have to say that it gave me a lot of strength and hope.

What will you do with the money if you do win Fear Factor?


One theory is that people join shows like Fear Factor just to be in the limelight. True?

Whatever the reasons, I enjoyed it. If you can combine work and have fun that’s a good thing to do.

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