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Teacher: Ranjit, did you know that I have the power to expel you, the power to suspend you and the power to thrash you? By the way, do you know where you are?

Ranjit: Yes. In a power house.

Raktotpal Gogoi, Class VII, Delhi Public School, Nazira, Assam


Question: How high do men and women usually stand?

Answer: Over two feet.

Ragamala Rahi Datta, Class V, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Khanapara, Orissa


Teacher (to Sam): Where is North America?

Sam: I don’t know.

Teacher: Stand up on the bench.

Sam (after standing on the bench): I still can’t see North America.

Elton D’costa, Class VII, St James’ School, Calcutta


Question: What does Pappu do after taking a xerox?

Answer: He compares it with the original for spelling mistakes.

Raja Samanta, Class VIII, St Mary’s School, Rourkela


Judge: How did the accident occur?

Driver: I don’t know, Sir. I was sleeping when the accident took place.

Rinita Saha, Class I, St Jude’s High School, Calcutta


Father: Where is your report card?

Son: The topper has taken it home to scare his father!

Anirban Saha, Class VII, B.D.M.I., Calcutta


Teacher: What are the people of Turkey called ?

Raju: I don’t know.

Teacher: They are called Turks. Now what are the people of Germany called?

Raju: They are called Germs.

Sahiba Parween , Class IV, Central Academy, Ranchi


Question: How does a dentist swear in court?

Answer: He says, ‘The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.’

Andriya Panda, Class VII, Vivekananda Mission School, Joka, West Bengal


Akash: Look! A thief has entered our kitchen. And he is eating the cake I made.

Mahesh: Whom should I call now, the police or an ambulance?

Abhishek Shaw, Class VIII, Cambridge School, Cuttack


Nurse: Why are you looking so tired?

Patient: I had to stay up all night to finish reading this thick book on blood.

Nurse: Why did you do that?

Patient: Am I not supposed to have a blood test tomorrow?

Rahul Sarkar, Class VIII, Orient Day School, Calcutta


Question: Why was the crab arrested?

Answer: Because it was going about clawing everyone.

Rishika Chatterjee, Class VIII, St Paul’s Boarding And Day School, Calcutta

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