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Cellphone etiquette
Indians bought 132 million cellphones in 2008. But how many of us know how to use one without making a nuisance of ourselves? Not many, feels the department of telecom, which has asked handset manufacturers to provide future customers with a brochure advising them on cellphone etiquette. Ahead of this exercise in futility, t2 outlines the well-known but seldom followed common sense rules that we would all do well to remember ...  | Read.. 
The bad woman
An important role in Anjan Dutt’s Adim Ripu, an invitation to walk the red carpet at Toronto International film f ...  | Read.. 
Family man!
Hiran unveils his domestic side to t2, wife and two-year-old daughter by his side... ...  | Read.. 
Festive fare
The pre-rakhi shopping spree continues in the city as the Ice Skatin...  | Read.. 

Jewel jazz
In a bid to give a boost to the city jewellery market, Exposure, a private ...  | Read.. 

Missing: Music man
The worn-out black Ludwig four-piece drumset sits at the corner of the Some...  | Read.. 
Rajani, are you watching: Shashanka Ghosh, the Channel [V] man who made the excellent noir comedy Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II, has been making h ...  | Read