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My son will soon turn 18 and he is excited that he will be signing a lot of official documents from now. He is still undecided about his signature and what will be best for him. Please suggest.

A signature reflects the personality of an individual. People who use jumbled up letters often reflect confused characters. It is always wise to use clear letters as this reveals a clear mind with focused thoughts.

For success and prosperity, it is best to start with an ascending stroke with the letters rising upwards as you sign and also end with an upward stroke. This signifies a good beginning and a good ending to every project undertaken in future. Signatures ending in downward strokes do not ensure happy endings. Straight-line signatures usually go unnoticed. They are considered neither auspicious nor inauspicious. This can be strengthened by adding a firm line underneath that goes upwards.

We have recently bought a piece of land as an investment for our children. Presently we are not thinking of any kind of construction there. Please guide me as to what should be done to the land immediately so that it proves lucky for our children in future.

You should activate the west side of the property as this direction is associated with children. The ruling element of this direction is metal, which is produced by the earth. Since earth produces gold in the productive cycle of elements, this feature can be stimulated in a stronger way by burying a lucky treasure box filled with high denomination notes or silver coins and semi-precious stones in the west of the property. Ensure that it is done on an auspicious day and within 10 minutes after sunrise.

I will soon be decorating my office and would like you to give me some tips about the placement of my chamber and table.

The most powerful position in the office is the south-west corner. So position your chamber to the south-west and place your table in the south-west of the chamber, either taking the support of the western or the southern wall. Keep in mind the following points while going for the above arrangement:

  • Sit facing the door. Do not sit with your back to the office door as this will encourage the staff to make plans to betray you.
  • Sit with a solid wall behind you as a window will result in losing out on opportunities.
  • Sit with more space in front of you than behind you. The support from behind will be stronger if your back is close to the wall and there is no provision left for anyone to walk behind you.
  • Place the door in such a position that your table is placed diagonally to it.
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