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- The man who has gone to Sachin’s head

Sachin Tendulkar

The master blaster got a new look just two days before he left for South Africa. The IPL cut is spiky and sharp. “I’ve root-ironed his hair, which is necessary to spike such short and curly hair as Sachin’s,” explains Hakim. The final styling has been done with a touch of dry wax.

“The look is very forceful and aggressive and goes with Sachin’s on-field intensity.”


Salman Khan

Salman’s latest look — one that he will be seen sporting in London Dreams — is long, collar-length hair cut in layers. The tone is light chocolate.

“This is the first time Salman has grown his hair this long. In Tere Naam he was seen sporting long hair but that was a wig. In London Dreams he plays a rock star and hence the long hair. He has been growing it for the past one year and I just keep trimming it. The shooting is in its last leg and once it is done, I’ll cut his hair really short.”

Saif Ali Khan

Saif’s brand new haircut (he got it on Friday) is “diffused”, fringy, and full of textures, spiky on top with long sideburns. “Saif loves fringes as it hides his broad forehead and goes well with his prominent nose. The cut balances his face very well,” explains the stylist.

“Saif is very chic and trendy, yet very mature and classy. He is one of the most stylish actors today. He loves to keep his hair blow-dried always and is the only actor who is extremely good with the blow-drier and always carries one with him. He can style his hair very well himself and would have made an excellent hairdresser!”


Ranbir Kapoor

The super-cool actor’s personal look is pretty much what we see in the Pepsi ad. The style is “spunky and out-of-bed”, achieved with matte styling products “so that it looks like no product has been used”.

“A lot of youngsters relate to him and look up to him as a style icon. So, his hairstyle reflects today’s trend — relaxed and easy-going.”


Amitabh Bachchan

After making him look his coolest best in Kaante and Ek Ajnabee, Hakim’s latest look for Big B is for his upcoming film Teen Patti. The look here is “messy and fringy” with lots of textures at the back. The shade is silver.

“Bachchan plays a gambler in the film and the messy, stylish look goes well with the character. His personal style is very classy, though he also likes to play around with his hair.”


Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek’s new fetish for super short hair sees him stopping by Hakim’s salon once every seven to eight days. Very short from the side and the back, the top part is in the “baby Mohawk” style that makes a little cone at the top. Mani Ratnam’s Raavan, though, will see him “almost bald” with a handlebar moustache.

“Abhishek is majorly into hairstyling these days and has developed this new love for short hair.”


Sanjay Dutt

A hairdresser’s delight, Sanju Baba is “the most product-friendly” man in Bollywood. His current spiky style with “zigzag” sideburns is especially for his film Luck.

“Sanjay is most experimental when it comes to his hairstyle and loves to use lots of styling products. He also experiments a lot with his beard.”



Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s waist-length straight hair is cut in multiple layers with “very simple styling”. The shade is natural brown.

“Deepika is very classy and doesn’t like funky styles at all. She’s not one for experimentation.”





Scissorhand suggestions

“Sourav badly needs to change his hairstyle. His look lacks heroism and doesn’t bring out the fire that we see in his game. He looks more like a doctor than a cricketer,” feels Hakim. He recommends collar-length “Jim Morrison style” hair for Dada, with a small goatee to match. “His hair should fly when he is bowling, making him look more aggressive.”

The stylist gives Lalu full marks for style. “He is a style icon among politicians,” laughs Hakim. “Lalu’s hairstyle is a statement and I wouldn’t suggest any change there. Both the colour and the length are almost like George Clooney’s! The hair on his ears needs serious trimming though.”

“Priyanka loves to wear her hair short and she looks cool in it, though she could play around some more with the style. She could spike it a little for an out-of-bed look. She has a pointed nose and strong jaw-line and so a short bob — with the back super short and the front long — would also suit her,” feels Hakim.

The US president looks “classy” in his current hairstyle, feels Hakim. “He could maybe wear it a little shorter, something like Will Smith.” Hakim recommends a beard for Obama, though. “A goatee or a little stubble will make him look very sexy.”
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