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First feast

Where: The Palladian Lounge.

When: April 14 (for lunch only) and 15 (for lunch and dinner).

On the menu: Pick from Postor Bada, Karai Shutir Kachuri, Potoler Dorma, Mochar Ghanto, Chhanar Dalna. In the non-veg spread, there’s Topshe Machh Bhaja, Bhape Ilish, Papda Machher Jhol, Bekti Paturi, Murgir Mangsho, Chicken Doi Bahar, Kochi Panthar Mangsho and some authentic Bengali sweet dishes.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two would cost Rs 600 (vegetarian) and Rs 800 (non-vegetarian). Taxes extra.

Where: Kewpies.

When: April 14 to 19.

On the menu: This Poila Baishakh, Kewpies has in store Mahabhoj Amish (non-vegetarian) and Mahabhoj Niramish (vegetarian) platters along with special platters for lunch and dinner. Throw in some specials like Chitol Petir Jhal, Dab Chingri or Dab Jhinge, Tel Koi and Crab Paturi. Enjoy ‘Firinghee’ flavours like Norwegian Salmon Kasundi, Smoked Hilsa, Duck Vindaloo and Celery and Apple Cocktail. The a la carte segment has delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as Mochar Paturi, Palong Channar Kofta and Kosha Mangsho. Round off the meal with Malpua, Aam Kheer and payesh.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two will cost Rs 500. Taxes extra.

Where: ITC The Sonar Calcutta.

When: April 15.

On the menu: The Eden Pavilion has a Bengali Grand Buffet with Bengali specialities in addition to the live stations. Start with Daaber Jol and Pora Aamer Shorbot. The meal specials include Kosha Mangsho, Murgir Jhol, Shorshe Machh and Chingri Malai Curry, served with ghee bhat and luchis. Calcutta’s snack specials like Machh Bhaja, Mutton Chops, Begun Bhaja, Alur Chop also find their spot in the spread. Bring a sweet ending to the meal with Patishapta, Rosho Malai and Langcha.

At Dum Pukht, raise a toast with a Gondhoraj Martini or Gondhoraj ghol. The special Aamish (non-vegetarian) Bengali thali includes Mangsher Keema Kofta, Bekti Paturi, Topshe Machh Bhaja, Kochi Pathar Jhol and Bagda Chingri roast. The Niramish (vegetarian) Bengali thali includes Aloo Posto, Bandhakopir Kofta, Shona Moonger Daal and Mochar Paturi. Sweets include Chhannar Payesh and Sita Bhog.

Pocket pinch: Rs 1,300 per person at The Eden Pavilion, Rs 1,100 at Dum Pukht (all-inclusive).

Where: 6 Ballygunge Place in Ballygunge and at DD 31A Sector 1, Salt Lake (open from April 11).

When: April 15.

On the menu: The set menu starts with Aam Porar Shorbot followed by a true-blue Bengali lunch. Luchi, Vegetable Pulao, Bhaja Masala Aloo Dum, Machher Matha Diya Moong Dal, Lebu Pata Diye Chingri Malai Curry, Kosha Mangsho and Aamer Chutney are all part of the main course. The dessert lip-smackers include Mishti Doi, Totapuli and Baked Mihidana with Rabri.

Pocket pinch: Rs 900 for a meal for two. Taxes extra.

Where: The Stadel.

When: April 14 to 18.

On the menu: Dig into the buffet specials like Dhakar Thanda Pulao, Padmar Ilish Bhaja, Jholsano Tomato, Chholar Dal, Kosha Alur Dum, Sarson Chingri and much more. Apart from the food, there will be a host of activities and contests at Victoria Lawn on April 14, 15 and 18, 7pm onwards.

Pocket pinch: The Bengali buffet is priced at Rs 575, all inclusive.

Where: Hushh and Kobe at City Centre.

When: April 15.

On the menu: At Hushh dig in to specials like Hushh Seafood Grill, Grilled Salmon Steak, and Lamb Steak. Open from noon till midnight, a meal comes with a complimentary glass of red or white wine or a bottle of beer.

At Kobe sample a feast of steaks and grills like Hokkaido Chicken, Lamb Steak Kobe Style, Fish Shaslik and Fish Sizzlers. Raise a toast with a glass of complimentary red or white wine or a bottle of beer.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two will cost Rs 1,000 at Hushh, Rs 600 at Kobe. Taxes extra.

Where: Bhoomi at Vedic Village.

When: On April 15.

On the menu: Start off with a cooler — Narkel Aar Gondhoraj Lebur Shorbot. Move on to the main course — Doi Mangsho, Kacha Lanka Murgi, Bhapa Malai Chingri, Pabda Machher Jhaal, accompanied by steamed rice/ mishti pulao, Radhaballavi and chutneys, Shukto, Chholar Dal, Chhanar Dalna and Chorchori. The vegetarian fare includes Mocha Gobindobhoger Ghonto, Lau Moonger Sathe and Jhinge Posto. Wrap it up with Jal Bhora Sandesh, Langcha, Malai Bhora Chamcham and Mishti Doi.

Pocket pinch: The non-vegetarian and vegetarian thalis are priced at Rs 450 and Rs 350 respectively. Taxes extra.

Where: The Astor, 15 Shakespeare Sarani.

When: April 10 to 19.

On the menu: The Baisakhi menu includes Flavoured Lassi and Rose Sherbet to start with, Peas Aur Mushroom Tikkia, Punjab da Platter, Sarson Wali Jheenga, Lamb Adraki Chaap and spicy curries. Pair it with Stuffed Tawa Paratha. Wrap it up with Malai Rabri, Kulfi Faluda and Rasmalai.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two would cost Rs 800, all inclusive.

Where: The Park.

When: Till April 18.

On the menu: At Saffron dig in to a special a la carte menu for Poila Baisakh and an exclusive menu for Baisakhi with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options from April 14 to April 18.

The Atrium Cafe’s Special buffet lunch on April 15 boasts Chingri Malai Curry, Pabdar Jhal, Kosha Mangsho, Kathaler Kalia and some yummy desserts. The a la carte menu at The Atrium focusses on Banglar Machh Aar Mishti from April 11 onwards.

Pocket pinch: At Saffron a meal for two comes for Rs 800 for vegetarian and Rs 1,000 for non-vegetarian options.

The buffet at The Atrium Cafe costs Rs 350 per person.

Where: Marco Polo at Park Street and Sarat Bose Road.

When: April 15 to April 19.

On the menu: The food festival revamps and reintroduces dishes like Chingrir Cutlet and Doi Murgi. It will also serve all-time favourites like Ilisher Morichkata Jhol, Topshe Machh Bhaja, Chholar Daler Doodh Malai Curry, Narkeler Kofta Pulao, Beguner Niramish Dolma and more. End with Desi Aamsatter Kancha Chutney and Aam Rabri.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two would cost Rs 1,000.


Where: Ivory.

When: Till April 15, for lunch (noon till 3.30pm) and dinner (7pm till 11.15pm).

On the menu: Pabda Machher Jhol, Kosha Mangsho, Kakra Bengali-style and Prawn Vegetable Mustard Coconut. Plus, there’s Potol Dum Posto, Echor Kalia and Tok Mishti Beguni. Round it off with rosogolla, pantua, payesh and Kesar Pista Sandesh.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two would cost Rs 1,000.


Where: Guchhi and Waterside Cafe, Hyatt Regency.

When: April 15.

On the menu:The menu at Guchhi has in store traditional Bengali savouries like Bekti Kobiraji, Chitol Machher Muithya, Mochar Chop and Potoler Dorma. Have your fill of delights like Daab Chingri, Chhanar Paturi, Malpua.

At the Waterside Cafe, dig into Narkel Diye Chholar Dal, and a range of non-vegetarian preparations, including Topshe Machh Bhaja, Kosha Mangsho and even Chicken Biryani. Also part of the buffet is a spread of eight kinds of desserts that will include Rosho Malai, Chhanar Payesh, malpua and lots more.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two costs Rs 1,900 at Guchhi. At Waterside Cafe you will pay Rs 1,300 per person. Taxes extra.


Where: Mythh at HHI.

When: April 13 to 22.

On the menu: In addition to the regular menu, the Poila Baisakh week will see a lavish buffet spread. Start with appetisers like Tomato Soup, Mulligatawny Soup and Murg Dhaniya Ka Shorba. There’s Channa Pari Chat or Egg Salad with Mayonnaise, too. Leave space for the main course with items like Pabdar Jhal, Bati Chingri, Katlar Kalia, Posto Murgi and Mutton Dakbunglow. The vegetarian delights include traditional specials like Chorchori, Potoler Dolma, Alu Jhingey Posto, and Sonali Moong Dal. Desserts include Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, Rasmalai, Mihidana and Gulab Jamun.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two costs Rs 1,500.


Where: Trincas.

When: April 12 to April 19 (lunch and dinner).

On the menu: Trincas has upgraded its menu with an unusual blend of flavours. The a la carte menu is a mix and match of Indian, Chinese and south-east Asian flavours. Bite into Desi Chilli Chicken Boneless, Prawn Hyderabadi, Double Fried Spicy Pork or even a Gobi Shaslik and Phad Thai Flat Noodles.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two will cost Rs 400. Taxes extra.

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