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John is not Greg: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, has sent the following replies to questions asked by The Telegraph.

Q: There is a lot of confusion here over the captaincy issue and whether Sourav has been dropped. Would you like to clear the air for Sourav’s fans and KKR supporters?

SRK: There is no confusion at all. Why is everyone jumping to conclusions? Sourav is our main man. Last year also, we had contemplated having matches with multiple captains and inputs from them. As the matches stand, lots of players come in and go because of their country commitments. Like last year, Ricky (Ponting) went after four matches.… Twenty20 is a new format and new ideas should be tried.

But no idea or decision will be taken without Dada’s consent and agreement…. He, as I said, is our main man. And the whole KKR respects and loves him no end. John (Buchanan) is an immensely sensible and intelligent man… we all are aboard this to try and do our best.

So John, Dada and the rest of us will work out whatever is best for the team. It is too early to start saying things about Dada and me… without seeing how it all goes as we move along. No final decisions are taken as yet and all decisions will be taken with Dada’s consent on all matters. There is no reason to overreact by any of us right now.

Q: After what had happened between Sourav and Greg Chappell, everyone in Calcutta is scared that Dada might again be left out of his team...

SRK: John Buchanan is not Greg Chappell, with due respect to both of them. So please don’t compare them. Dada is very dear to us and nobody is taking away the captaincy from him or taking him away from the team. John and Sourav are our mainstays and all decisions will be taken in tandem with them.

So there is no space for insecurity for the fans, the team or the management as far as Dada is concerned. All will be explained and done in good time. We have too much love and respect for Dada as a captain, as a player and as an international sports icon.

Q: Do you think that just like football and hockey, T20 is more of a team game and it doesn’t really matter which player is wearing the captain’s arm band?

Every game is a team game. In our case, John, the players, Dada, us… we all are a team. We are not in this for business. We are in this to make sure that Kolkata Knight Riders succeeds in fulfilling the faith of all people from Bengal in us. We all together will move forward.

Arm bands, captaincy, etc are not prime on my mind or Dada’s.... He knows what I stand for and I know what he stands for and we are very close to each other. Discussing new ideas is always looked upon as radical and nobody knows that better than both of us. Because Dada and me have always welcomed and tried new ideas... succeeded and failed... but tried nevertheless.

Nothing is etched in stone as yet. John, Matthew (Mott, the field coach), Dada and we are all working towards a new style of working.

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