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Fashion Week season has begun. After a last-minute date change, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week beat Delhi Fashion Week to kickstart the first fashion week of fall-winter 2009-10. ...  | Read.. 
‘The script is the temple’
Drew Barrymore is not only one of the many stars of He’s Just Not That Into You — she is also one of its producers. Here ...  | Read.. 
Paris, I don’t love you
2 Days In Paris is about a New York-based couple — Marion (Julie Delpy), a French photographer, and Jack (Adam Goldberg), an ...  | Read.. 
The quantum leap
Notes from Nandita: The journey of making Firaaq has been a cathartic experience that has pushed my boundaries in more ways than one. ...  | Read.. 
Wet & wild in the waves
Arindam Nandi and team headed straight for the deserted Ramchandi beach — 30km from Puri — to shoot the climax sequence of ...  | Read.. 
Festival flavour
Suman Mukhopadhyay’s Chaturanga is on a roller-coaster festival ride. After stopping by 14 festivals across the w ...  | Read.. 
Comedy king
Kundan Shah is busy. “I am working on two-three projects,” says the man who gave us light-hearted and heartwarming ...  | Read.. 
Thumka time
The first season of Oye! It’s Friday! comes to a close this Friday with Shilpa Shetty as the final guest on Farh ...  | Read.. 
Change is here
When Barack Obama promised to be ‘The Change We Need’, he sure had every intention to deliver. While most American ...  | Read.. 
Court play
It’s not just cricket and football that corporate executives bond over...  | Read.. 
Queen of cards
At a recent bridge tournament in a city club, the name of Sybil Datta hung in the air like a whisper. The 87-year-old was pro ...  | Read.. 
The line that binds
British author and TV presenter Simon Reeve may be known best for warnings about al Qaida plans to target the West in ...  | Read.. 
Company keepsake
Gone are the days when companies would just stamp their logos or names on diaries, calendars and pens to pass around at the N ...  | Read.. 
Present in body, not in mind
Are you one of those who, despite being green in the face with illness, are at work, for fear, maybe, of that pink slip? Or a ...  | Read.. 
Online beauty: Indrani Halder attends the launch of actor Shomu Mitra’s website. “I was away in Mumbai and now I want to make good Bengali films,” sai ...  | Read