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The right pet

Dogs make wonderful companions and friends and can add a great deal of love and joy into your life. Before you get your first puppy, you have a decision to make: do you want to adopt a puppy or do you want to buy a pure-breed? If you choose to buy a pure-breed, you need to locate a reliable source. And once you have found a puppy you love, there are some questions you must ask.

First, does the pup have a registration certificate from the Kennel Club of India? If the pups are registered, you can be sure that it is a pure-breed. Without a registration certificate, you cannot enter your dog in a dog show. The certificate will also be useful when you try to mate your dog in future, making it easier to find a good partner. With a registration certificate, you get good buyers for the puppies, and a good price.

To register a dog, the breeder has to follow certain rules. To begin with, both parents must be registered and have a microchip number. After the birth of the puppy, the breeder must inform the Kennel Club of India, which will come to inspect the puppies and give the required certificate. With this, the breeder must apply for litter registration to the Kennel Club of India. The puppy will then be officially registered.

If you bring in a dog from abroad, you have to submit its export pedigree, abroad registration number, air ticket, microchip number to get a registration number from the Kennel Club of India.

Next, ask for the puppy’s pedigree papers. This is the puppy’s family tree. You should check the following things:

Who are the parents and grandparents?

Are they imported or not.

Did the parents have challenge certificates (c.c.) or not. There are five classes (puppy, junior, intermediate, bred in India and open) in a dog show. If your dog wins all the classes, the show judges give your dog a challenge certificate. If three judges give three challenge certificates to your dog, it is called a champion (ch). If you find ‘ch’ written before the name of your pup’s parents or grandparents in the pedigree papers, this means this pup comes from champion stock.

Knowing the pedigree of the pup can help you plan his future breeding programme. Pedigree papers always come with Kennel Club of India registration papers. If you want a puppy of good quality, don’t buy one which does not have registration papers. At times, the breeder might say that he has applied for registration, but the papers have not come yet. In such a situation, take a copy of the parents’ registration papers and keep in touch with the breeder. A good breeder will give you the papers as soon as he gets them.

There are many breeders in Calcutta who sell pure-bred puppies which are unregistered. If the puppy is healthy, you can buy it. Then once the puppy is six months old, you can get your pet registered. Mr T. Chatterjee (9830910048, 9433013542) will help you to get your dog registered if it is pure-bred.

However, always buy puppies from a good breeder or reliable pet shop. You can get the address of a good dog breeder from the Indian Kennel Gazette, newspapers, catalogues of dog shows or websites. The Kennel Club of India address is: 28(89) AA Block, 1st Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai 40.

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