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new find

Old city

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient city in northern Peru, in South America. Researchers say that the rare find can establish the missing link between the oriental cultures of the people of Wari and the earlier Moche civilisation. The newly discovered site located close to the Pacific coastal city of Chiclayo probably existed when the Wari culture dominated the Andes of modern Peru between the 7th and the 12th centuries. The Wari people are known to be among the first to use military force and the historical city bore evidence of human sacrifice, reported BBCNews. Cesar Soriano, the chief archaeologist on the project, said that the people of Wari disposed off bodies over the nearby cliff after they were killed. The recent discovery is considered vital because it explains how they ensured the continuation of their culture after the Moche civilisation faded out around 600 AD. Relics of clothing and ceramics were also retrieved.

dog or fox?

Deception point

Zhang, of tunkou, China, has discovered to his utter dismay that what he thought to be his pet dog is actually a fox! A year ago Zhang had picked up what he believed was a Pomeranian. However, with time, he found that his pet was hard to discipline and would often get aggressive. Zhang took him to a local zoo when its tail wouldn’t stop growing and instead of barking, it made an ‘em em’ sound. He found that his pet was an Arctic fox, a rare and protected species.

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