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The real villain
If you’re obese and also high on cholesterol, there is some bad news for you. Scrimping on food or hitting the gym regularly will be less helpful in dislodging the fat tucked away in the tummy if the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol, increases considerably in your body...  | Read.. 
One man’s meet is another’s ‘unmeet’
It was a bright mid-November day in Mountain View, California, at the Computer Science Museum. The opening session in the large hall had just ended. E ...  | Read.. 
Fish gender benders
Prompted by a huge demand for ornamental fish in the aquaculture industry, a group of fish Indian biologists has have altered the sex of fighting fish ...  | Read.. 
The real villain
Smart search
The other day I was browsing for some applications to download on to my iPhone when I came across a new search engine called “Searchme”. Although Google does a decent job, there are times when the result you are seeking is buried deep in th ...  | Read.. 
Sun power
Mankind knows that the sun is the centre of the universe and that it sustains life. But some ancient civilisations were a little confused: did the sun ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why do ants work 24/7?