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Question: What do you get when you cross a parrot with a centipede?

Answer: A walkie-talkie!

Nihal Prakash, Class VIII, La Martiniere for Boys, Calcutta

Rita: What type of pants do elephants wear?

Mita: Ele-pants

Asmita sengupta, Class VIII, South Point High School, Calcutta

Teacher: On which river is the city of London situated?

John: Hudson, Sir!

Teacher: No! London is on the Thames, New York on the Hudson.

John: Good God! There is really a river named Hudson then, Sir!

Debayudh Datta, Class VIII, St Paul’s Mission School, Calcutta

Patient : Oh! I am really nervous about the heart surgery I’m undergoing.

Surgeon : Don’t worry, in my experience as a heart surgeon, only one patient has died.

Patient: How many patients have you operated on?

Surgeon: Well, you are the second.

Krittika Gupta, Class V, Birla High School for Girls, Calcutta

Shalini: Why are you standing under the sun in this heat?

Tina: Can’t you see that I am trying to dry my sweat?

Asmita Bose, Class V, Loreto Day School, Bowbazar, Calcutta

Question: Why do cows wear bells?

Answer: Obviously because their horns do not work.

Akshita Roy, Class VIII, La Martiniere for Girls, Calcutta

Customer: Please give me a tin of apple juice.

Shopkeeper: We have run out of juice. Please take these apples and squeeze the juice out of them.

Customer: Ok, here’s the money.

Shopkeeper: But this is plain paper.

Customer: I have run out of money. Go and print the currency notes.

TUSHAR SHAW, Class VIII, Kalyani Central Model School, Nadia

History teacher: What would have happened if there were a third world war?

Student (wearily): It would have meant yet another chapter in our history book.

S. Rajesh, Class IV, Amrita Vidyalayam, Durgapur

Customer: This soup tastes funny.

Waiter: But you are not laughing while having it.

Argho Chakraborty, Class IV, St Joseph’s Convent High School, Chittaranjan

Ram: Who will win the race, the tortoise or the 100-legged insect?

Raju: Can’t tell. Who?

Ram: The tortoise, of course.

Raju: How is that?

Ram: The tortoise would have touched the finishing tape by the time the 100-legged insect had finished putting on its shoes!

Ankit Pal, Class VI, D.A.V. Model School, Durgapur

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