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Cosmetic cures

I don’t do much except for washing my face with a face wash. I follow it up with toning and then applying a light moisturiser. I use only Clarins products. I also go for a mud-pack facial once a week.

I am a working woman nearing the wrong side of 30s. I don’t want to end up looking like an old hag so soon. How should I take care of myself so that I look in sync with time?

Name and address withheld

Here are some easy steps that you could follow to keep the ageing process at bay and look good in your 30s.

Always wear a high protection sunscreen on your face, the back of hands and chest. Invest more in your daily moisturiser and go for one which will give you protection from the UV rays as well. Look for creams which contain anti- oxidants. Free radical damage speeds up once you hit your 30s. As a result, you end up with drier skin and patchy, uneven pigmentation marks all over.

This is also the time to pay special attention to the delicate skin around your eyes. This is the first place which shows signs of wrinkles. Other important areas are your hands and neck. So you need to take care of them too.

Exfoliate sensibly. At this point, the process of cell renewal is beginning to slow down, so regular exfoliation plays an essential role in removing dead skin cells — which make skin look dull — from the surface of the skin. You should use creams which contain exfoliating alpha- hydroxy acids (AHA). These can make a real difference to your skin.

Do not try to skimp on your vitamin intake. Your 30s can be very demanding. You may be juggling a career with children. Make sure you are getting the nutrients that your body, and your skin, needs. Top up with additional iron, vitamin-B complex, vitamins C and E and evening primrose oil. These are all vital supplements for women. 

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