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The right dose

Your pet may fall sick even in the middle of the night. Your puppy may suddenly jump from your lap while playing and start limping or break his nail, or cut his leg against some sharp object and start to bleed profusely. You have to stop the bleeding quickly. What do you do if your vet is not available just then?

ways keep emergency medicine and a first-aid box in your house.

The first aid box must contain the following things — Dettol, Tincture Benzoin, Neosporin powder, two bandages, cotton , scissors, two leukoplasts and Band-Aid.

In case of a cut, put Tincture Benzoin on the wound to stop the bleeding, then bandage it. If the bleeding is severe, put a tourniquet above the wound. Then you take your pet to the vet.

Pet-owners face another problem. The puppy may suddenly become restless, his mouth and face swelling up to twice or thrice its normal size. At times, the puppy may salivate too much. This generally occurs when the puppy has swallowed ants, cockroaches or lizards and these are the symptoms of an allergy. Give it Avil25 and Betnesol Oral Drops every two hours until the symptoms have disappeared.

If your pet suddenly starts to vomit, stop giving him food and water. Give Reglan Syrup or Domstal Drops immediately. You can make .R.S. at home. In one cup of water, mix two teaspoons of sugar and one pinch of salt. Make your dog drink a few drops of this mixture every half-an-hour.

For loose motion, give Normet Syrup to small dogs and Norflox TZ. to big dogs. If there are traces of blood in the stool or vomit, give him Chromostat tablet.

If your pet is showing signs of lethargy, refusing food or is reluctant to play, check his temperature. If it is more then 102 degrees, give him Paracetamol syrup and an antacid.

The dog may suddenly look like it cannot stand and pant heavily, while salivating excessively. It is a symptom of fits or a cardiac problem. Keep the dog in a cool place and give Betnesol Oral Drops every one hour. Contact your vet as soon as possible.

If you bring a new puppy to your house, always keep Decolic Drops and Bonnison Drops handy. If it suffers from stomach ache and its tummy is bloated, Decolic and Bonnison drops will give him relief quickly.

When you bathe your dog with an anti-tick shampoo, you might notice that the dog is salivating too much or vomiting. This usually happens because the dog tries to lick the shampoo, and some of it goes into his system. Wash the dog well and give an Atropine injection.

Homoeopathy medicines you can try in an emergency:

Arnica 30 — for pain

Symphytum 200 — for fractured bones

Ipecac 200 — for vomiting

Merc Sol 200 — for loose motion

Belladonna 200 — for severe weakness


Leaves for your pets:

  • Washing your pet in the water strained after boiling neem leaves, just after birth, will prevent skin disease.

  • Juice of kulekhara leaf cures liver disease.

  • Boil thankuni leaf with your dog’s food to cure diarrhoea.

  • If your dog eats cucumber regularly it may not suffer from constipation.

  • If your dog happens to swallow some foreign particle, make him eat four to five bananas. It will help eject the foreign body with stool or vomit.

  • If you apply a mixture of camphor and coconut oil on the joint, it will prevent formation of corn.

These remedies are for first aid only. Take your pets to your vet as soon as possible.


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