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Clean fuel tax on passengers


Yes, I will not mind paying a bit more for autos running on cleaner fuels so long as the fare is fixed reasonably. The autorickshaws are a boon for the common man, being the most convenient mode of transport at a reasonable cost. With the advent of autos together with, of course, Metro rail, scenes of overloaded buses with people hanging on the footboards have become a thing of the past. Thousands of youths are employed in operating, repairing and other ancillary businesses. Using cleaner fuel will prove costlier for the operators.

Sourish Misra,
Salt Lake

No. Common people already have to shoulder the price hike of essential commodities. Even the transport fares have increased. The suggestion of increasing the fare of autorickshaws again, even by a little bit, is not at all acceptable.

B.N. Bose,
Dum Dum Park

I feel the people will not hesitate to pay a bit more for autorickshaws running on clean fuel as it will be hygienic and free of pollution.

Rathin Chatterjee,
Dum Dum

I do not think we should pay a bit more for autorickshaws running on clean fuel. They will only be making extra profit if such an idea is implemented.

Amaresh Paul,
Bandel, Hooghly

I am not willing to pay a bit more for autorickshaws running on clean fuel. This will hardly curb their reckless driving, defiance of traffic rules, taking of more passengers than they should and all else that they do.

Sunita Wadhwani,

Nobody will pay more for clean fuel. Itís unfortunate that Calcutta has not yet changed over to LPG, inspite of court orders.

Goutam Ghosh,
Belur, Howrah

I think every person who has civic sense, loves the city and is anxious about air pollution would always agree to pay a bit more for autorickshaws running on clean fuel. Our beloved city has already become highly polluted.

Jamshed Alam,

We should pay a bit more for autos running on clean fuel, because life is more precious than a few extra rupees. Calcutta is already reeling under extreme pollution due to the increasing number of vehicles and the use of adulterated oil.

Prantik Sanyal,
SP Mukherjee Road

Why should I pay more for the wrongdoing of others? There is a state machinery to check and punish the errant. If we are asked to pay more for the drivers to use clean fuel it would be like inviting the thief to your house, cordially.

Azad Sengupta,

Many reports have been published in the newspapers regarding adulterated fuel used by autorickshaws which is polluting the air and causing diseases. But neither the government nor the transport minister seems bothered. The time has came for the people of the city to boycott autorickshaws until they convert to LPG.

Dilip Kumar Biswas,
Green Park

I think that the fare of autorickshaws that run on clean fuel should be increased. If we are conscious about the threat to the air we breathe we have to pay a bit more to resist it.

Suranjan Bonnerjee,
Salt Lake

Use of spurious fuel for greater profit by autorickshaws canít be stopped by making us pay a bit more to make them run on clean fuel. Mobile checking units should be set up for checking on autorickshaws and heavy fines introduced.

Pradip Ranjan Das,

The autorickshaw fares are fixed factoring in the cost of clean fuel but the drivers are actually katatel. So, there is no question of paying more. The use of katatel must be stopped.

Dinabandhu Mukherjee,

Yes, sensible persons should have no objection to pay a bit more for autorickshaws running on clean fuel. To save people from pollution all vehicles should run on clean fuel. Clean fuel may be a bit costly. But then manís life is most valuable.

Nikhilesh Pathak,

Law breaking is the sole guideline for autorickshaws, backed by the state- sponsored union, which earns crores illegally every year. It is hard to believe that autorickshaws will run on clean fuel ever in West Bengal. But to keep away illness passengers will be ready to pay a bit more.

Sukumar Ghosh,

Driving autorickshaws is a lucrative option for the educated unemployed youths of the city. They get the permission to do so by donating huge amounts to the unions and obtaining a licence illegally from the Corporation. They use adulterated fuel because it is cheap. Therefore, giving extra money for the use of clean fuel will not solve the problem unless the price of clean fuel is reduced.

Madhabi D. Ghosh,
Salt Lake

Why should we pay extra? The fare we are paying is more than what the autorickshaw drivers should spend on maintenance and clean fuel. They extort fares according to their wish and carry as many passengers as they can to earn a bit more. This often happens in front of police officers. After the increase of petrol price and transport fare, autorickshaws have also increased their fares not keeping parity on the distance they cover. So they are already extorting money from us.

Satya Narayan Das
Address not given

Autorickshaws running on clean fuel are environment-friendly and good for our health. Pollution is increasing everyday and it causes many respiratory diseases. I am ready to pay a bit more.

Kshama Agarwal,
Girish Park

All we passengers want is value for money. Even if we shell out more from our pockets, there is no assurance that the drivers will use authenticated LPG kit. Corruption thrives here.

Sourav Maity,

Most people want to save money. But they should also think about the environment.

Santosh Chakravarty,

Fare escalation depends on the will of the auto-rickshaw drivers because the government prefers to be blind and sympathetic to them. Besides, how would the riders be sure that the vehicle runs on clean fuel? They may charge more even with unclean fuel. What then?

Salil Kumar Kar,
KN Das Lane

No. Extra payment is no assurance that the vehicle would run on clean fuel. This would encourage the autorickshaw drivers to charge more in future without running the vehicle on clean fuel. After all, who is going to check whether or not clean fuel is being used to run the vehicle?

Indranil Sanyal,

Calcutta has become the most polluted city in India. It is high time that precautionary measures are taken to improve the level the pollution. The citizens must come forward and pay a little more to autorickshaw drivers. The menace should be curbed for good.

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