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Vastu shastra

I want to know what is the correct place to put my mirror in the bedroom. I believe the way it reflects can affect many things.

If possible avoid placing mirrors in a bedroom. The best location would be the north-east corner, and the mirror can be on the east or north wall depending on the position of your bed. It should not reflect the bed. Another place to locate a mirror in a bedroom is behind the cupboard door.

What, according to vastu, should I look for when selecting a plot of land?
Dinesh Vajpayee

You should look into the following aspects:
Shape of the plot: It should be square or rectangular, where the ratio of the length to width should not exceed 2.0, preferably keep it below 1.85.
If the shape is irregular, then the plot has to be rectified through vastu corrections to a rectangular shape.
The magnetic field within the plot should be such that the cardinal directions are parallel to the sides of the plot.
A plot with roads on all sides is the best. However, you may not have this choice. Select a plot with the road on east first, then north or south, then west, in that order of preference.
You must check to see if drainage is possible on the east or north sides, since in vastu the slope of the land should always be towards north-east.
Check with the local people to ensure that the site has never been used to dispose carcasses.
Avoid selecting a plot next to a temple or mosque.
A water body to the east or north is considered auspicious. Avoid taking a plot with a water body to the south.

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