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For seam movement, work on wrist position
- Getting the basics right is important during formative years



I am a left-arm pacer. I cannot control my pace, and as a result, often bowl wide deliveries. Please help.

(Somnath Dey, 20, Guwahati)

Keep your head steady at the time of delivery. Also ensure that you are watching the spot where you want the ball to land. It’s also important that you are balanced at the time of delivery.

I am a medium pacer. Whenever I try to bowl a yorker, I end up with a full toss. Why does this happen?

(Somen Dey, 17, Calcutta)

This delivery demands a lot of practice. Keep looking at the spot you are aiming at and keep shifting it till you get it right. For example, it could be the base of the off stump you are looking at. Try and aim at the middle or off-stump with the next ball and see if it makes a difference.

I am a right-arm medium pacer. Despite my best efforts and coach’s suggestions I cannot get the seam movement. I have also followed your suggestions. Please help.

(Ayan Mukherjee, 16, Calcutta-40)

Keep working on your wrist position at the time of delivery.

I am a left-arm spinner. When I take my run-up diagonally for bowling round the wicket, I end up with a no ball. How do I solve this problem while coming closer to the wicket?

(Sanjib Bhattacharya, 16, Howrah-4)

There is no harm in marking your run up again and bowling from a step back.

I am a right-handed batsman and usually get bowled when the ball is pitched on the leg stump. Is something wrong with my stance?

(Subham Gupta, 15, Calcutta)

You are obviously not watching the ball and also not getting in line of the ball.

I am a right-arm medium pacer. Though I bowl an off stump line, my deliveries constantly fall short of length despite my best efforts to pitch the ball up. Please help.

(Soham Ghosh, 19, Calcutta-16)

Your front shoulder is obviously falling away too quickly. Ensure that you stay high at the time of delivery.

I am a right-arm medium pacer. Whenever I bowl a bouncer, I end up with a wide or overstep. Why does this happen?

(Shyamal Das, 19, Calcutta)

You are over-exerting when attempting the bouncer. Try and bowl from a step behind at the time of attempting the bouncer.

I am a right-handed batsman and weak on the leg side. Will practice at nets help me improve?

(Rahim Chakraborty, 17, Calcutta-37)

Yes, it will help. Also check your grip with your coach.

Is accuracy more important than pace during a pacer’s formative years?

(Subir Dey, 19, Calcutta)

It’s a combination of both that is important. Getting the basics right early in one’s career is important.

I am a medium pacer. Please suggest me the diet that is to be followed on the day of a match.

(Santanu Datta, 21, Calcutta)

Eat enough to stay light and comfortable. Food that gives you instant energy is handy. A chat with a nutritionist would help.

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