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smart idea

Life aquatic

Have you ever thought of building a submarine all by yourself? Whether you have or not, Tao Xiangli of China certainly has. Xiangli has constructed a submarine with metal barrels that weighs 1.6 tonnes. The 20-feet- structure is quite small, and has just enough space for a single person. However, it has all the necessary features of a submarine with pressure metres, monitoring cameras, a TV set, oxygen supply and headlights, reported Zhong’an Online. Tao took more than a year’s time to conduct research and tests before he started working on his machine. Although he fought many challenges, the most difficult problem was the shortage of funds, he said. Despite an elementary school education, Tao has patents for a washing machine, a head massager and a shoe polisher. His submarine is scheduled to start its inaugural voyage next week.

pure bliss

Comfort zone

Nick boing is not the name of a human being, but that of a 22-stone sheep. Nick was adopted and so named when he was found abandoned near a nature reserve in Cardiff, UK. David Palmer, who looks after Nick, has made him a purpose-built bungalow with windows and a carpet in his backyard. Palmer’s family made several attempts to release Nick in farms only to find the sheep back home later. Now Nick prefers spending his time eating, sleeping and watching TV. He is having a blast for sure.

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