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Derek O'Brien

As a lonely sparrow shakes itself dry sitting on my window grill, on this rain-soaked, grey morning my mind tries its best to shake away memories of a dear friend. Suddenly, the media is full of stories of people becoming a memory blur. This column is not an ode to a growing number of tombstones but on this day I could do not help. Public demonstration of a deep personal grief is often sneered at; sometimes on is helpless; be it with Aarushi or my dear old friend. Adieu!


1 Which company supplies the official balls for Wimbledon?

Salik Borbora, Assam

2 What is referred to as ‘social utility’ by its creator on the web?

Sudeshna Basu, Calcutta

3 How is the character Dr Henry Jones Jr better known as?

Subhro Sarkar, Calcutta

4 Who created the ‘poor girl’ look by using jersey fabric?

Arabinda Mukherjee, Calcutta

5 Where in India was the first hockey club formed in 1885-86?

Bhavika Doshi, via e-mail

6 In 1950, where was the first Republic Day Parade held in India?

Gargi Charkraborty, Calcutta

7 In ancient Greek, which river was known as Zaradros?

Vinay Basak, Jamshedpur

8 Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of what?

Anjan Das Gupta, Calcutta

9 Which museum has a pyramid designed by I.M. Pei in front?

Kiran Mohta, Calcutta

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Anne Frank started writing her famous diary on her 13th birthday (June 12, 1942). She has no truly close friends to confide in, so in her diary she writes detailed letters to an imaginary girlfriend named kitty.

Ten on Ten

Nicolas Rowe wrote the first connected narrative about whose life?

Priyadarshini Roy, via e-mail

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Identify this world leader

Point of view

1.  Name this author



2. Identify this footballer




1 Slazenger
2 Facebook
3 Indiana Jones
4 Coco Chanel
5 Calcutta
6 Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium)
7 Sutlej
8 The number 13
9 The Louvre

Who am I ? Shimon Peres
Point of view 1 John Fowles
Point of view 2 Steve Sidwell

Ten on Ten William Shakespeare

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