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Ten Questions - Parambrata

1 Your sex appeal lies in…

My simplicity.

2 One thing in a woman that turns you on...

Being able to connect intellectually.

3 One thing in a woman that turns you off...

Trying to come across as something which she is not. I hate wannabes.

4 The sexiest woman you have met... Women are generally sexy, either intellectually or physiologically; mentioning one means I’m blind.

5 If you get a million, you would splurge on…

I would make a movie.

6 The best party place in town...

I’m a little orthodox so Someplace Else on a Monday night when Latin Jazz music plays.

7 One thing you want to change about yourself... I would like to cut down the hyperanxious side of me.

8 One thing you would never do on screen...

I would never do a role where I have to harm children in any way.

9 If a pretty girl tells you Chalo let’s go, where would you want to go…

I would be thinking of many rather exciting places but would muster up the courage to ask her out for a cup of coffee at a coffee shop.

10 One question you want to be asked…

Would you want to be reborn, if yes then where and as? (And the answer would be: Yes I would want to be reborn as Che Guevara, riding across South American lands, on a bike with his friends!)

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