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There’s always something more to do in this world: Shah Rukh
- I try and enjoy every minute of life, says Bollywood megastar

Calcutta: Sunday will mark the formal end of the Kolkata Knight Riders’ campaign in the Indian Premier League’s inaugural edition. It will also mark owner Shah Rukh Khan’s last visit to the city in connection with the 2008 League.

A common sentiment, of course, is that the Knight Riders would’ve fared much better had some of Shah Rukh’s passion rubbed off on them. Whatever, any improvement can only be made and seen next year.

It’s to be seen whether Shah Rukh, who believes “perfection is not attainable by anyone,” cracks the whip. And, if so, to what extent. Till that’s known, one can reflect on his thoughts on matters of a general kind — conveyed to The Telegraph during a recent one-on-one.

The following are excerpts

His role model

Nobody, really... I got very influenced by my parents (Taj Mohammed and Lateef Fatima) and then quickly moved into the real world... I’ve just remembered what my parents were like... Now, even that memory is fading, but I remember the things they taught me... Fortunately, my mind has retained those qualities without my actually trying to remember them. I do try and follow their principles...

Whether, being an icon, he’s conscious about doing certain things and not doing certain things on the screen

I’m comfortable, say, with smoking... But, yes, I don’t think I should use bad language in a film... That’s because kids catch on to such things... They’ll (still) learn, but I don’t want to be the one who taught them.

Bad language featuring in the script of a film

I don’t change scripts, I simply don’t do such films... I’ll give some reason and tell the producer/director that I don’t want to be a part of it... Obviously, if the words are there, then the film demands it, and a lot of people wouldn’t like to lose a Shah Rukh Khan for a few bad words... But I don’t make them unhappy by saying I’m not doing the film because of those words.

Whether he’s particular about scenes

There’s definitely a level of decency that I like to maintain with women... I don’t cross limits... I did it in Anjaam, because I was a mad man, but I’d refrain from beating up a woman... Also, I won’t make fun of disabled people... I’m very aware of all this.

Not keeping cigarettes out of the public eye

It’s each one to his own on smoking and drinking... I think times have changed and those times have gone when people copied the actions of others...

Approach to life and work

Work till you drop dead! Be a sport...

Being a dreamer

I am one... Sometimes I dream of the studio that I’ve made, but I don’t even have the land as yet! But I dream of having shot a film in that studio... God has been kind and most of the dreams have come true.


I don’t count the money that I earn, but I ask the accountant whether we have the finances... If he says ‘no’, then I don’t borrow... I just go and do some job... I didn’t find it odd when I danced at weddings... I’m an actor, I’m a dancer... I can do anything that a performer can... I’m hoping to perfect my art... I’ve learnt my art from people like Raghubir Yadav and Barry John... I’m Shah Rukh Khan because of what I do.

Being passionate about

Life... Everything... It’s not about how I get the energy, I try and enjoy every minute...

Entertainment today

We’ve reached the economy of entertainment... There’s entertainment everywhere... In the malls... Everywhere... If Hrithik Roshan has to dance for the Mumbai Indians, that’s entertainment... If cricketers need to attend a function and talk in a cool manner, that’s entertainment... Today, everybody, from the CEO of an oil company to an actor like me is an entertainer.

Involvement with the Knight Riders

I’m more a team member rather than an owner... That’s how I see it.

Being addicted, so to say, to sports channels

Yeah... I even watch some strange soccer and hockey matches... In soccer, it could be a match featuring two of the bottom-ranked teams in some league... But, then, I love sports... I don’t watch car races, though, they really don’t turn me on.

Finally, on how would he like to be remembered

(Laughs) As one who tried his best and then died... But, at least, tried... I used to love the motto in school — ‘Do your best and leave the rest’... There’s no point in having a jeet, because that ends it... My belief is that there’s always something more to do in this world... Today, I can retire.... I’ve achieved a lot and can rest on those laurels... But the laurels are a thing of the past... They’ve already been achieved... So, I keep trying for something new... Maybe, I’ll achieve that one laurel that I couldn’t so far...

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