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Reverse sweep comes with experience
It’s good to be aggressive but a little caution in shot selection helps
Ravi Shastri

I am a righthanded batsman. I like playing of the back foot but am often adjudged leg before when attempting the off drive. Please help.

(Ayan Sen, 16, Calcutta-78)

You are either late on the ball or getting the pad in line of the ball and hence not allowing the bat to come through.

I am a righthanded batsman. Sometimes I lose balance when going full stretched forward. Should I stand a bit outside the crease?

(Ajay Gupta, 17, Calcutta)

That will not make a difference. Instead check the length of your stride.

I am a right-arm pacer. I often fail to judge the length of the ball when bowling the bouncer. Please help.

(Vishal Chawla, 19, Howrah-6)

Target a spot which will help you get the ball to rise somewhere between the chest and head of the batsman.

I am a righthanded batsman. In spite of reaching to the pitch of the ball, I often get caught at short mid-wicket while driving an off-spinner through the covers. Please help.

(James Dipankar Sen, 17, Calcutta-59)

Make sure your head is down and the weight goes into the shot.

I am a righthanded batsman. I often get bowled while playing incoming deliveries. Please help.

(Jyotirmoy Deka, 15, Guwahati)

You are playing with the bat away from the body and hence creating a gap between the bat and the pad.

I am a righthanded batsman. How can I maintain my concentration at the start of every session?

(Sujoy Datta, 23, Calcutta)

Tell yourself you are starting from the beginning and stick to what you have been doing.

I am a righthanded batsman and would like to know the right way to play the reverse sweep. Also please advise on the selection of ball for executing that stroke.

(Suhird Das, 17, Calcutta-42)

It’s a shot that you will know how to play with experience. Concentrate on the normal sweep shot first.

I am an offspinner. What length should I bowl to when trying to get leg before decisions against a lefthander?

(Sumit Dutta Gupta, 21, Calcutta-18)

Ideally from around the stumps looking to pitch the ball on middle and straightening to hit the stumps.

I am a lefthanded batsman. I often fail to judge the incoming ball from a mediumpacer. As a result, I get bowled. Please help.

(Tapan Dutta, 18, Siliguri)

Make sure your head is still and you are not falling over.

I have a very aggressive approach to my batting. Often I get runs in one-dayers but it does not always work in four-day games. Should I change the approach?

(Rohit Gupta, 17, Calcutta)

It’s good to be aggressive. Just be a little more selective in your shot making and work on your concentration.

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