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Education on wheels set to roll
- Van to house blackboard, Books & TV in east Singhbhum

Jamshedpur, April 24: Mobile education is set to take off soon.

With the Meena van set to travel to the interiors of the city soon, preparations are on to stack the mobile education van with full amenities to ensure quality education for school dropouts.

The van would house books, blackboards and a few benches where children between the ages of six and 14 would study for some time before going back to their homes.

An initiative undertaken as an integral part of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the Meena vans would help in promoting education in the remote parts of the district, with particular emphasis on areas in the vicinity of the city.

“We would bring all heavily populated slum areas under our purview,” said P.N. Singh, the district superintendent of education (DSE), on whom rests the responsibility of implementation of the various education projects bei- ng run as part of the cent- ral government education programme.

The priority areas, where the Meena vans would do the rounds, include Adityapur and Parsudih along with the station area.

Department officials mentioned that the van would do rounds of a few places and stay put at different places for a few hours to ensure that all children receive quality education.

Currently parked at the DSE’s office, education officials are preparing to stack up the van with textbooks, books meant for light reading and even a TV attached to a disc player on which they can wat- ch seven VCDs made on various education awareness subjects.

“While some VCDs focus on the importance of education, a movie in the series focuses on the role to be played by parents in ensuring that their child takes an active interest in studies. All this is meant to enlighten the masses,” added Singh.

Officials said the move is aimed at empowering women through awareness programmes and VCDs have been made on similar subjects.

Funded by Unicef, the Meena van was brought to the city a few years ago. It was one of the two vans to be brought to the state.

The other was a van procured for Ranchi, the current status of which is not known even to the district education officials of East Singhbhum.

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