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Industrial biotechnology, known to some as “white biotechnology” is the application of biotechnology for industrial purposes like creating alternative energy or bioenergy and biomaterials.

The Centre for Biotechnology was established in 1987 in Anna University with financial support from the department of biotechnology, Delhi and the University Grants Commission (UGC). The centre provides educational and training facilities to carry out fundamental research on the development of various areas of biotechnology at Taramani campus.

Modern infrastructure and the latest technology is used to conduct work in bioprocess technology, molecular biology, cell biology and immunology. There is a separate academic complex exclusively for teaching BTech in industrial biotechnology and MTech in biotechnology.

Apart from these two programmes the institute also offers a BTech in food technology, BTech in pharmaceutical technology, and MTech in bio-pharmaceutical technology as PhD and research programmes.

The notification is advertised in January and application forms are issued from February onwards. The application form and information booklet can be obtained from designated Canara Bank branches in Tamil Nadu, the State Bank of India, Anna University branch, Chennai-600025 or specific centres in Tamil Nadu.

They can also be obtained by post from the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Professional Courses Entrance Examination Centre, Anna University, Chennai-600025 by mailing a requisition and a demand draft of Rs 250 — drawn in favour of the Director, Entrance Examinations, Anna University, Chennai and payable at Service Branch, Chennai. For further information on this particular course, contact the Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai-600025 or log on to The last date for receipt of completed application forms is in March.


Candidates who have passed Higher Secondary or an equivalent examination are eligible to apply for the BTech courses. Those who will be taking the HS or a qualifying examination in the same year as the Tamil Nadu Professional Courses Entrance Examination (TNPCEE) are also eligible. For admission to BTech physics, chemistry, mathematics or biology, candidates should have a minimum of 60 per cent in Plus Two.

Entrance Exam

Admission to the BTech in industrial biotechnology programme is through the TNPCEE held in April or May. The selection of candidates will be merit-based on the aggregate marks of the qualifying examination (67 per cent in physics, chemistry and mathematics) and the entrance examination (33 per cent).

Pattern of exam

Engineering candidates have to write two objective-type exams on physical sciences and on mathematics.

How to prepare

For physics, some helpful guide books are Physics by Lodiwala and N.N. Ghosh and publications by Bharti Bhawan. For chemistry, you may refer to books by Krishna, Arihant, Ratan and Dinesh publications. For maths, practise questions from books by R.D. Sharma, Krishna, Arihant and Jai Narain publications.

There are many engineering entrance guides available in the market. Any book that has multiple choice questions on the classes XI and XII CBSE syllabus can be considered for preparation.

Your concepts should be clear so that you can apply them effectively to objective questions assessing your depth of understanding and analytical ability. Regular practice will also speed up accuracy. Attempt objective questions on organic and inorganic chemistry, resistance, atoms and molecules and so on while these are being taught in class.

sample test paper

Physical science

An electron, while in one of Bohr’s orbits:

a) radiates energy and its velocity changes.

b) absorbs energy and its velocity changes.

c) the energy of the electron remains unchanged but its velocity changes.

d) both energy and velocity remain constant.

The time period of a freely suspended magnet is 4 s. If the magnet is broken in length into two parts and one part is suspended in the same way, then its time period will be:

a) 4 s

b) 2 s

c) 5 s

d) 25 s.


If the imaginary part of 2z + 1 / z + 1 is –2, then the locus of the point representing z in the complex plane is:

a) a parabola

b) a straight line

c) a circle

d) none of these.

lf A and B are any two matrices, then which of the following is incorrect:

a) AB may or may not exist.

b) If AB exists, BA may not exist.

c) If AB and BA both exist, AB = BA.

d) A¹0, B¹0, AB may be zero.

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