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swim well

It’s a turtle race

A turtle is the last amphibian one would think of while talking about the longest migration. But a leatherback sea turtle has done just that. It has completed the longest recorded migration by any sea vertebrate, a total of 12,774 miles across the Pacific Ocean. The journey watched over by a satellite, is the first record of a trans-Pacific migration by a leatherback. The giant amphibian began the trek in Indonesia’s warm tropical waters in the summer of 2003. Once it crossed the equatorial line, it had to encounter strong and swift currents before it came close to Hawaii’s Kauai island. The turtle is likely to have encountered swordfish, tuna, and other migrating leatherbacks returning after a successful foraging season off the North American coast. It swam for 647 days before it finally reached the cool Pacific Waters.


Bull’s eye

Gunning for it

School might be more fun than you and I think. School children in West Virginia, US, may now learn how to wield a gun if a recent bill is passed. It is meant to teach children between 13 and 16 years of age how to handle a gun and hunt safely. This hunting safety course will be a part of their physical education class. All the weapons will be disabled so that there is no chance of them firing. In fact, children above 10 years can apply for a hunting license in West Virginia.

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