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All about character

The first dusky bahu of the small screen has made it big. These days Rajshree Thakur is doing a Sadma and playing a child-like character on her hit show Saat Phere, which seems designed to project her versatility.

Recently, you have changed your personal wardrobe to a more modern look — jeans, T-shirt. Will we see that change on screen too?

(Laughs) See, after playing the character of a bahu, I have been wearing saris for almost three years. Now that has changed since my character in Saat Phere has become child-like and I am wearing ghagras and skirts. So, I’m getting the opportunity to slowly change my wardrobe.

Are you happy with the way your character is regressing into childhood in Saat Phere?

Yes, of course I am. This is a challenge for me and I’m thoroughly enjoying enacting all the things which are happening in my character’s life. This is my first drama show and in my first show itself, I have had a chance to play a character with so many shades. It is not an easy thing to portray but it is a great opportunity for any actor.

The childlike character seems inspired from the film Sadma...

I do not have time to watch movies. Regarding homework, it is more my observation. You can see many kids around you so I watch their behaviour. It is really difficult to play such a character because the character should look innocent and not irritating. So, I had to be very careful while playing this shade.

Why are you not doing any other show on television?

The thing is that (laughs) I’m under a contract.... If you are playing the lead role in any show, you do not have the time to do any other show.

Even after television has become so huge, people still call it regressive...

Maybe it is; but people want to see these shows. It is the audience who decides what will be shown on television. It is up to the people if they want to watch good shows and something different. The audience’s acceptance is of utmost importance. The scenario is changing a bit with the advent of reality shows; also shows like Virrudh have a different concept. I’m hopeful that this scenario will change even further.

Do you also believe that television shows are largely for female audiences?

No I do not think so. I have met so many kids and men who watch these shows. I know so many army officers and doctors who have come to me and told me: ‘We have watched your show because it is not a saas bahu saga’.

Does your husband watch soaps too?

If he gets time, he does watch them; especially my show. He is my biggest critic. It is a good thing for me since I take feedback from him on what can be done and what can be avoided. He is also a good actor and we have done a telefilm together.

Being a good dancer would you have liked to be a part of celebrity dance shows?

Frankly, I do not think so. After seeing the fate of such reality shows, you know what I’m trying to say. For me, dancing is for pleasure and I will not do 12 hours of rehearsals and then perform.

Would you like to be a part of Ektaa Kapoor’s camp?

See, I will not give a specific statement. For me, it’s most important whether a production house, be it Balaji or someone else for that matter, makes good shows on good subjects. Also, my character is of utmost importance. That is the first criterion for me to choose a show.

Any plans of starting a family in the near future?

No there is still some time for it. I have been married for just about a year now.

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