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What GenX wants in 2008: date in peace, travel easy & see no-snip films Big bite and a quiet chat

On the last day of 2007, Metro threw the floor open to GeneratioNext to create Calcutta 2008. Six young Calcuttans, all between 20 and 22 years old, brainstormed about democracy and dating, flyovers and films...

The highlights:


Aditya Vikram Das (21, Jadavpur University): We want some kind of an alternative front to develop to give voters a choice. And the civil society movement must grow stronger this year to make the administration answerable and accountable. It can also overcome a certain apathy among the people of the city.


Malini Roy, 22, Jadavpur University graduate: Sector V in Salt Lake needs to be better connected with the rest of the city through some shuttle service. Buses must be forced by police to only stop at designated spots. The police should slam the brakes on drink-driving and take stern steps against those using the cellphone while driving.

Santanu Sengupta, 21 years, Presidency College: We so wish that this is the year when the state government finally introduces alternative fuel ó LPG or CNG ó to curb air pollution. Also, a proper wage structure for conductors and drivers would reduce the risk of road accidents.

Aditya Vikram Das, 21, Jadavpur University: The South City project will be a real headache for traffic planners this year. Far better traffic management is needed on Prince Anwar Shah Road. A flyover from end to end seems to be a solution. Otherwise, be prepared to spend a lot of 2008 stuck in a jam near South City.


Prachi Tulshan, 20, St Xavierís College: There should be more facilities for the disabled in our city. There is hardly any consideration for the less fortunate. Canít public places and vehicles create basic facilities like ramps this year?


Santanu: People in Calcutta should not frown upon dating. Why is it still a taboo in our city? From Coffee House to Elliot Park to Metro Railway, people stare if they see a girl and boy together. When will this end?

Prachi: Why do Calcuttans stop and stare when they see a boy and girl walking or talking. Itís very annoying. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, people couldnít be bothered. In 2008, we want to feel more comfortable and move around freely with friends of the opposite sex.


Ronaan Roy, 22, St Xavierís College: Both censored and uncensored films should be screened ó the uncensored ones late at night. People must be allowed to exercise their choice. Old halls like New Empire should be revived. Nandan should be manned by efficient and courteous staff members.

Santanu: The price of tickets should be slashed this year and more Bengali films should be screened at the multiplexes.

Prachi: Being a student of film studies I feel the city needs more studios and better equipment. Multiplexes should make it a point to screen more Hollywood films.


Prachi: Itís good that so many malls have come up but we donít want too many to clutter Calcutta. Malls should not overshadow the fun of street shopping ó scouring around and bargaining for clothes and shoes. We donít want places like New Market or Gariahat to fade.


Shinjini Sircar, 19, Presidency College: We should have more restaurants serving a wider variety of cuisines like Greek, Lebanese and Italian.

Malini: Lots of places donít serve alcohol to women unless a man accompanies them. This should end. Restaurants and coffee shops should be open till midnight.

Santanu: Traditional addresses like Basanta Cabin, Golbari and Dilkhusha should be saved and promoted.


Malini: The charm of coffee shops abroad lies in the fact that they are ideal places to sit and read or chat for hours. In Calcutta, coffee shops are popular hangouts but the blasting music makes reading or chatting impossible. Wanted: a more relaxed ambience at coffee shops.

Aditya: Where can we sit and have a quiet conversation? And where are all those wi-fi zones we were promised?

Ronaan: Thereís nowhere special that you can go for an inexpensive treat.

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