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Uma Dasgupta Senior academician and former professor, ISI, Calcutta

Q: I am a first year student of power engineering at National Power Training Institute, Durgapur. I want to know what the prospects in this field are and also the kind of remuneration one can expect.

Kunal Sinha

A: I am sure your prospects should be good since the power sector is so important in a developing economy like ours. But you must find out about these matters from your teachers at the institute as well as from senior students who have graduated from there or are now in their final year at college.

Q: I’m a student of Class XII (PCM and computer science). I’m an average student, not very good in maths. But I am good in physics, English and computer science. I want to make a career in the gaming industry. What should I do after Class XII?

Anurag Sharma

A: You must seek the advice of those who are in the gaming industry. Not just from one individual but from more than one experienced in the industry. These are specialised professions and you must be well-informed about what they require of you in order to prepare yourself better.

Q: Are the job prospects better if I study international relations or should I opt for political science? I am in Class XI and have a year to decide.


A: The two subjects are close in their areas of knowledge. International relations is a little more specialised within the broad and basic discipline of political science. You should do some reading of interesting books in both the subjects and see which way you feel more inclined.

Father Manipadam Provincial delegate for Don Bosco Youth Services, Calcutta

Q: I am in Class XII (science) and am keen on studying medicine after I finish my Plus Two. However, I am doing my Plus Two from National Open School. Will it spoil my chances of getting through a good medical college? Also, I am a student of poor means and would like to know about good medical colleges in Calcutta that offer scholarship or sponsorship to needy students.

Deenu Francis

A: Doing your Plus Two from a government recognised examination board is sufficient as far as the eligibility is concerned. National Open School is recognised by the government and so there should be no problem regarding your eligibility to sit for the medical entrance exam. But there is a mental prejudice that those who take their exams from the National Open School are weaker students which may not be true in all cases. In fact National Open School gives students the opportunity to do their studies at their own pace.

The eligibility for doing medicine is, however, based on your performance at the entrance examination which alone can give you the opportunity to do medicine. And you need a couple of years to prepare for the entrance examination. In fact, most students who are interested in doing medicine or engineering prepare themselves for these entrance exams even as they are studying for their Classes XI and XII as these entrances are soon after the Class XII board exams.

So if you are already in Class XII, it may be already slightly late to think about it. I am not aware of any medical colleges in Calcutta that offer educational sponsorships. I think you could maybe approach an NGO or a charitable trust to help you financially with your higher education.

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