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Surprise wedding

Waterford (Wisconsin), Dec. 25 (AP): Some people get surprise birthday parties, Iida Ruth Southey gets surprise weddings.

Twice in her life, Southey was surprised with a wedding ceremony on Christmas Eve, both times to Francis Southey. Her future husband planned their original wedding for Christmas Eve 1942 while he was stationed in Sherman, Texas, during World War II.

“I didn’t know I was getting married, I just went to spend Christmas with him and I got down there, he had the weeding all arranged,” said Ruth, 85, who lives at the Waterford Senior Living Facility.

Yesterday, staff at the senior facility arranged the same surprise for their 65th anniversary. The couple renewed their vows in front of three generations of teary-eyed family and friends.

Charity bills

New York (Reuters): Shoppers got a Christmas Eve surprise on Monday when a pair of brothers handed out $100 bills at a mall on Long Island, New York. Police responded to a call from security staff at the Sunrise Mall in the town of Massapequa, concerned that the give-away might create a scene or involve counterfeit bills. Instead, officers found a simple case of Christmas charity where calm prevailed as the businessmen, aged 45 and 41, gave out the money at the entrance to the shopping centre, police said.

Plastic cash

Beijing (Reuters): A Chinese villager has been jailed for 10 years for keeping $11,000 in cash he found in a plastic bag at the scene of a car accident, local media reported on Tuesday. In April, Qin Li found a black plastic bag in front of a diesel truck that had crashed nearby his home in the northeastern province of Liaoning. He took the bag home and discovered the cash inside. “After four days, Qin Li's parents deposited 70,000 yuan into two separate bank accounts, and kept 10,000 for personal use,” the Beijing News reported.

Death cards

Ashland, Oregon (AP): An Oregon man known for his sense of humour gave his friends and family a start recently when they received Christmas cards from him two months after he died. Chet Fitch died in October at age 88. Weeks later Christmas cards, 34 of them, began arriving — written in his hand with a return address of “Heaven”.

Amy’s path

New York (AP): For all the buzz Amy Adams has earned with her performance as a princess in Disney’s Enchanted, she still has doubts about her career path. “Am I doing it right?” she said. “I don’t think all success and failure is judged by a career. I’m not married. I don’t have

children. Sometimes I wish I read more books than scripts. Did I choose the right road?” Adams, 33, told Newsweek in its edition that hits newsstands on Monday that she is even having trouble sleeping.

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