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What’s in a beard?
Generous, cheerful and caring. These are the qualities we associate with Father Christmas, but we might have to think again. Research has shown that the jolly fat man is in desperate need of a makeover if his charitable image is to persist into the 21st century....  | Read.. 
What’s the matter?
Some believe it is a new state of matter. Another school of thought says it is a new state of mind. It is a super solid, theorised long ago and observ ...  | Read.. 
Night birds in distress
High paying nocturnal jobs — timings perfectly synchronised with the working hours of the West — have created a new breed of Indians — young, smart, i ...  | Read.. 
Cold reaction
Scientists have discovered the body’s ultimate “thermostat”. Fighting low temperatures to keep ourselves warm – within a narrow range o ...  | Read.. 
What’s in a beard?
Lab Report
Green preservative
Of snakes and their venom
Treat yourself to iPod Touch
Santa gave me a great gift this year. It’s slim, fits into my shirt pocket, plays music, downloads movies, gets my mail and tracks my flight. No, it’s not a computer. It’s the iPod Touch. Most people believe that the Touch is just for ...  | Read.. 
Opening your heart
The poets and songwriters deduced it correctly; the ultimate irrevocable act of love is giving your heart to someone else. The heart is the fulcrum on ...  | Read..
Why Corner
Why can’t we write with both hands simultaneously?