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Diet diktat
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I am 19 years, 5-ft-3 and weigh 56 kg. My vital stats are 33-28-36. I do not get much time to exercise but manage to take a walk in the evening. I generally have rice for breakfast before going to college and have a light snack for lunch. Please draw up a healthy diet chart for me.

       Smita Singh

You need to lose two-three kg to be at your ideal bodyweight. Please continue your evening walk. Here is a diet plan for you:

Early morning: One glass milk, two protein biscuits
Breakfast: One bowl rice, one bowl vegetables, one bowl salad, one piece fish
Lunch: One sandwich with cucumber, onion and tomato
Afternoon: One glass lassi
Evening: One apple
Dinner: Two rotis, one bowl dal, two pieces of stewed chicken with vegetables, one bowl fruit custard (no sugar).

My mother aged 54 is 152 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. She has been diagnosed with hypertriglyceridemia, that is, her triglyceride level is 1,100 mg/dL (normal is 150). She complains of fatigue and doctors have advised her to take omega3 fatty acids daily. She is a school teacher. Please formulate an ideal diet chart for her.


Your mother needs to lose about 10 kg. She should walk daily for about 45 minutes. Here is a sample diet chart that will help lower her triglyceride level:

Breakfast: One slice brown bread with vegetables, one guava
Midmorning: Two protein biscuits
Lunch: One bowl rice, one bowl dal with vegetables, one piece fish (preferably big fish and have the fish oil)
Afternoon: One guava; this is a must because the pectin present in guava is very beneficial to cure high triglyceride
Evening: Sprouted chana with one bowl vegetables
Dinner: Two rotis, vegetables one bowl, one piece fish, curd one bowl.

This diet chart should be strictly followed. No fruits apart from guava should be consumed. Sugar or any food containing sugar like sweets, cakes and sweet biscuits should be avoided. Milk should be avoided but curd or chhena can be had. Apart from these, no red meat, dry fruits, butter, ghee, margarine or fried snacks. The food should be cooked in a mixture of two oils, which will maintain a good ratio between PUFA, MUFA and SFA.

I am 35 years, 5-ft-3 and weigh 36 kg. I am a vegetarian. I am very skinny. Please suggest a diet chart that will help me gain at least 10-15 kg.

Bithika Ghosh

You need to gain 17 kg to be at your ideal bodyweight. Start doing some freehand exercises for 15 minutes every day. Here is a sample diet for you:

Breakfast: Three slices bread with cheese, milk one glass, one banana
Midmorning: Dry fruits one handful
Lunch: Rice one big bowl, dal one bowl, vegetables with potato one bowl, curd one bowl
Afternoon: Banana milkshake one glass
Evening: Two potato sandwiches
Dinner: Two rotis, one bowl vegetables, six pieces paneer, two sweets
Supper: One glass milk.

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