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‘There is not one but many kisses’
Shreyas Talpade with Lena Christensen

All Iqbal fans are in for a big surprise. Shreyas Talpade, who played a simple and shy guy in Iqbal and all his other films so far, has finally grown up. Not only has the actor locked lips on a couple of occasions with a lady for his new film Bombay To Bangkok, he has also done some torrid love-making scenes. Not surprisingly, it is for his regular director Nagesh Kukunoor, for whom he has played a deaf-mute cricket fan in Iqbal and a behroopiya in Dor.

When we asked the talented Shreyas what was new in his third movie with Nagesh Kukunoor, Bombay To Bangkok, the actor said with a naughty smile: “There are going to be many surprises — and not just for my fans.”

Considering the film has a Thai heroine, Lena Christensen, was Shreyas talking about his first on-screen kiss? “Yes. I did a similar scene in Dil Dosti Etc, but that was just a peck,” Shreyas quickly responded. “In Bombay To Bangkok, you will see that and much more. Here, there is a proper kiss.” After a thoughtful pause, the actor mischievously added, “There is not one; but many!”

Shreyas said that the kisses were required; and it was Nagesh who suggested them. “There were certain scenes in the film that were a surprise to me. When Nagesh told me about them I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to go ahead with them and Nagesh said ‘yes’.”

Given his shy image, was Shreyas comfortable kissing on screen or did he need some preparation? “There is no preparation required. You just do it,” he said.

And how had his wife reacted? “My wife was there on sets when I did my first on-screen kiss. I did the scene in front of her,” Shreyas revealed. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a part of your work; you do it and forget about it. You don’t have to be in love with the other person to enact a kiss. So, it’s ok. You are honest with your intentions.”

Finally ,was Shreyas making a deliberate effort to break away from his clean-and-sweet-guy image and venture into Emraan Hashmi territory? Shreyas laughed: “I am certainly that clean sweet guy. I have just gone a step further.”

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