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Ritual radiance

Suryanamaskar is a complete yogic practice as asanas, mudras, mantras and pranayamas are all practised while performing it. It consists of a combination of 12 graceful postures in sequence of a physical drill. These 12 dynamic poses are the 12 zodiac signs, or the 12 months of the year. Here are two poses of Suryanamaskar.

SANCHALASANA (Equestrian pose)

Take your right leg back and bend on the floor on your knees. Push your left leg forward with your left foot flat on the ground. Your palms should be placed on either side of your left foot to complete the hip-leg stretch. Now, draw the head back to arch the back by bringing the pelvis forward. Looking up, draw attention to the middle of the eyebrows.
Extend the leg fully by pushing your toes back as far as possible. Do not keep it too close or too far though, as this will pose a problem in the other Suryanamaskar poses.
Inhale while drawing the head backwards. Keep your focus between your eyebrows.

It strengthens all the muscles of the legs, arms, back and shoulders.
Improves abdominal organs like liver and stomach.
Om Bhanave Namaha (salutations to the one who illuminates). The sun removes the darkness of the night with every dawn.We must turn to this illumination.

PADHASTHANA (Hand to foot pose)

In a continuous movement, bend forward. Stretch your arms towards the floor and keep them hanging even if your palms do not touch the floor. Bend your hips totally with legs as straight as possible. Try not to bend the knees. Loosen shoulders and try to place palms on either side of your feet. Touch forehead to the knees if you are flexible enough. Otherwise, just look at the knees.
Exhale slowly while bending forwards. Focus on the pelvic floor.

Those with back problems should skip this step.

It cures all abdominal diseases.
Body becomes radiant.

Om Suryaya Namaha (salutations to the one who induces activity). The sun in its dynamic form controls the entire universe.

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