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Body basics
Ayesha Takia is top-heavy

I am a 26-year-old mother of a one-year-old baby. My height is 5-ft-4 and I weigh 70 kg. I have a double chin and am heavy in the bust and stomach area. How can I lose weight?

Start by following a balanced diet in which your intake of calories is within the range of 1,200 calories. Next start any form of cardiovascular exercise available to you for 30-45 minutes, six times a week.
Joining a good gym under qualified instructors would be advisable. If this does not suit you, write to me again and I will give you some freehand exercises to do at home.

I’m 23 years and my weight is 56 kg. I go to a gym and do heavy weight exercises six days a week. Even then I am developing a tummy which looks very odd. I do ab crunches (three sets of 25 repetitions) daily, but it’s not helping. Please tell me how to reduce my tummy to get six-pack abs.
Aiman Sarosh

It would have helped had you given me your height. However, it sounds like you are not following a proper diet and doing enough cardiovascular exercises to burn fat. For a six-pack or washboard stomach, you must follow a very strict diet to bring down your overall body fat percentage to 8 per cent or lower.
You must do at least 30-45 minutes of cardio six times a week along with an intense ab workout. And avoid or limit the following for three months:

1) No red meat
2) No alcohol
3) No refined sugar
4) No refined flour
5) No fats.

I am 17 years and have large breasts. How can I reduce their size naturally? I don’t want to go for any artificial breast reduction process. Please suggest some exercises since I don’t have any access to a gym.

Do a chest pullover:
Lie on your back and hold a small dumbbell (you could start with a 2kg one and then gradually go for a heavier one). Extend your arms above the head and keep the elbows slightly bent. Then lower the arms slowly to your sides. Then raise extended arms slowly over your head. Complete the set by bringing arms down to starting position. Do the steps for 12-15 repetitions.

Modified push-up:
Lie on the floor, placing both the hands near your underarms, palms facing down on the floor. Push your body up and straighten your arms with your full body weight resting on the knees. Try to touch your head to the floor, without resting any other part of the body on the floor. This should be done really slowly. Start off with about three sets of five repetitions and gradually work your way up to 15.

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