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Now here is a Bollywood film promo that is really different. Nagesh Kukunoor’s romantic comedy Bombay To Bangkok promises to be one fun ride. The 106-second teaser unfolds like a film with every shot building up to the last few seconds of the promo, just like it is in a two-hour film.

‘A film that is same same but different’ are the opening words of the promo, setting the tone for things to come. Shreyas Talpade rides pillion behind a girl of Thai origin. As she puts on her helmet, she asks a rather nervous Shreyas whether he is ready for the ride and he confirms that he is, although he doesn’t look too sure. The promo then goes into rewind mode. Shreyas is shown jumping off the top of a building and is introduced as ‘A thief from Bombay’.

In the next shot, we are introduced to a very colourful character — loud clothes, loud junk jewellery and a loud persona — he is ‘rapper don’ played by Vikram Inamdar. He is more rap-savvy than trigger-happy. But his talent in the field of rap singing is also suspect for as he attempts to sing out loud, Shreyas is seen plugging his ears in disgust.

Cut to the next shot and the ‘thief from Bombay’ is shown alighting from an aircraft at the Bangkok airport. In the airport lounge, he is shown meeting a character named Rachinder Singh (character actor Manmeet Singh) who is introduced as ‘A Thai Sardar’!

The leading lady of the film then makes an appearance — Thai actress Lina Christianson who is introduced as ‘A massage girl from Bangkok’. As Lina makes a move to take off her top, the camera pans on an embarrassed Shreyas. The fact that the two have a major communication problem — one doesn’t know the other’s language — is showcased in the next couple of shots, with hilarious results.

The next half of the promo seems to be a travel guide to Thailand as Shreyas and Lina are shown traversing the length and breadth of Bangkok. The line ‘same same but different comedy’ appears onscreen as a Thai gentleman asks Shreyas whether he is Shah Rukh Khan and turns away in disgust when Shreyas replies that he isn’t. Another funny moment is when Lina insists that Shreyas should try out Thai food. The camera focuses on a plate filled with seafood such as oysters and lobsters and then on Shreyas’s face as he swallows a mouthful and cringes.

The promo then takes a different turn as Shreyas is mistaken for a doctor and has to start behaving like one in order to save himself from the rapper don. The last half of the promo is a montage of shots — Shreyas, Lina, the rapper don and the Thai Sardar are all shown getting into the stickiest of situations. The rapper don is even shown crying out ‘I love rap’ in one scene. The words ‘suspense, action, comedy, romance, dance…same same but different’ appear on the screen in quick succession. Naseeruddin Shah is shown for barely two seconds.

The last few seconds of the promo comprises a series of shots with the title song playing in the background. Lina and Shreyas are then shown getting married with Lina draped in a sari. The promo comes to an end with the shot of Shreyas riding pillion behind Lina, just like it was in the first shot.

Produced by Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Arts, Bombay To Bangkok once again brings together the winning combination of Iqbal — Ghai, Shreyas Talpade and Nagesh Kukunoor. With music by Salim Sulaiman, Bombay To Bangkok is slated to hit screens on January 11, 2008, the same day as Rajkumar Santoshi-Ajay Devgan’s Halla Bol.

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