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Stale romance

Director Haranath Chakraborty seems to have taken the Priyanka Todi-Nabab Nandini connection a bit too seriously. To hype up his film, he has justified the tenuous link by forcing a punchline down Koel Mullick’s throat: ‘Baba, aami kintu Priyanka noi!’ (The film shoot was over before the Rizwanur-Priyanka incident happened).

Koel’s love story, of course, has a happy ending. She is the haughty college-girl Nandini who huffs and puffs while driving around in a cool car, while newcomer Hiran (Nabab) goes around campus rescuing girls from rampaging goons.

Though on the warpath on campus, Nabab and Nandini are actually childhood sweethearts separated years ago. But purano shei deener katha come flooding back when they meet in the principal’s room. Cupid strikes and Koel promptly lands a (cheat) kiss on Hiran’s lips. They promptly break into a boring song-and-dance number. Then, the works — Hiran sneaks into Koel’s room gliding down a rope through the window; some more song-and-dance with the two floating around a bed....

Enter, Nandini’s father, plotting how to keep the lovers apart. Haranath also weaves in a love triangle and the players — Nabab, Nandini and Tina — are as confused as the audience. A chain of absurd incidents later, the girl gets her boy.

Hiran with his chocolatey looks is quite gawky, but Koel makes up with her verve and spontaneity. Ranjit Mullick makes a promising start as an uncle-cum-love guru to Nabab but cuts a sorry figure with his Kader Khan act at the end, shaking his belly and making funny faces while fighting goons. Sandhya Ray, Nabab’s mother, broods and scowls through the three hours.

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