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Deccan death trap
Microscopic fossils embedded in ancient rocks in Rajamundhry in Andhra Pradesh are now telling a tale that palaeontologist Dhananjay Mohabey had unearthed from rocks scattered across India’s Deccan plateau six years ago. ...  | Read.. 
Star of wonder
The moon, which has of late emerged as an arena for Asian giants to show off their technological prowess, enjoys an uncommon place in the universe. ...  | Read.. 
Understanding creativity
Can we measure creativity' One leading scientist, Professor Semir Zeki of University College London, UK, certainly thinks so. And he’s been given ...  | Read.. 
Mating game – ladies’ choice
If you thought the macho male enjoys an upper hand in the mating game, you have got it awfully wrong. New research shows that female mammals are compl ...  | Read.. 
Deccan death trap
Lab Report
Helping turtles
Desi GM tech for mustard
Look at these sites
Are you dying to make an international call, but resisting because of the prohibitive charges involved' I recently discovered a website that will allot you a local number to make international calls. You will be charged at the local call rate. The si ...  | Read.. 
I hate being thin
I am a 21-year-old girl and am very skinny even though I eat healthy and nutritious food. I do not eat...  | Read.. 
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Why do we get headaches'