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Rajas of real estate
A letter changed their lives. Some 30 years ago, the Hiranandanis were in the textile and property business. They did badly in both and decided to withdraw from one of the businesses....  | Read.. 
Marriage à la Marwari
When Natasha Aggarwal, owner of the popular and fast-growing gelateria chain Mamma Mia, told her parents that she wished to m ...  | Read.. 
A house for Mr Bureaucrat
Two friends, the apocryphal story goes, met at a school reunion after years and ended up exchanging ...  | Read.. 
On a high note
The story goes that maestro Mehli Mehta, the founder of Bombay Symphony and the Bombay String Quartet, was so dismayed by the ...  | Read.. 
Women who dump men
celebrity circus
It has been the year when filmland girls have learnt to dump their boyfriends without compunction. And there’s a feeling ...  | Read.. 
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Rajas of real estate
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