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The commutwits’ triumph
In Godhra, some people detached a bogie of a train in February 2002, locked in the passengers and burnt them. The perpetrators were never conclusively identified. The Hindutwits claimed that the murderers were Muslims, and called for retribution. It ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Party power
Sir — Rudrangshu Mukherjee has made some bold, lucid and timely statements in “Where party rules” ( ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — The editorial, “Home on a loan” (Nov 12), touches on a fear most Indian homeowners are bound ...  | Read.. 
In a democracy, even a heated political controversy needs to follow certain codes — of decorum, propriety and taste. The comm...| Read.. 
It has been a long battle. The point of the battle would seem simple enough — that the adoption law in India should be equall...| Read.. 
Sailing Out To Nowhere
The All India Congress Committee session in Delhi, on November 17, was significant compared to other such ‘sessions’, but as ...  | Read.. 
Back on the streets again
They are the privileged minority. The ‘faces’ of society, these individuals — because they have the power that comes with greater visibility — are perhaps a little less a part...  | Read.. 
Writers and egotists
The public persona of the recently deceased Norman Mailer was always bigger than his reputation as a writer. One of the first to be considered a ‘celebrity’ writer, Mailer wan...  | Read.. 
Coming to a head
When was the last time Calcutta — or for that matter any Indian city — felt the need to express solidarity with a village' Most people point to the Naxal movement of the late ...  | Read.. 
It began, in a major way, with Rizwanur Rahman. First, the candlelight vigils and silent congregations. Then the St Xavier’s College pavement resounded with poems, songs and m...  | Read.. 
There is no such thing as the State/ And no one exists alone;/ Hunger allows no choice/ To the citizen or the police;/ We must love one another or die. — W.H. AUDEN