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Shut up or ship out
- Party targets governor & court

Calcutta, Nov. 17: The CPM today accused governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi of “hypocrisy” and asked him to quit Raj Bhavan and join the Trinamul Congress.

Party leaders also accused Calcutta High Court of conspiring against the CPM and “cautioned” the protesting “intellectuals”, turning the “us versus them” line into “us versus everybody else”.

“The Opposition had targeted CPM workers since January but the governor’s conscience was sleeping. It awoke after the March 14 police firing. One can bear brutality but not hypocrisy,” party state secretariat member Benoy Konar told a rally on Rani Rashmoni Avenue.

“Our governor… is also a citizen and we have no problem if he joins politics and flies the Trinamul Congress flag. But he can’t do that while occupying Raj Bhavan.’’

“From the governor’s office to the high court, from ultra-Rightists to ultra-Leftists, all have joined hands in a conspiracy against the CPM, the people and the Left Front government,” Konar added, warning Left Front allies for their “restlessness’’ on Nandigram and accusing the media of lying.

“The high court (which has declared the March 14 Nandigram firing unconstitutional) has become another conscience-keeper. Our market is flooded with conscience-keepers.”

“All forces have ganged up against us,’’ state party secretary Biman Bose agreed as he urged the state government to consider challenging the verdict in the apex court.

Bose targeted the judiciary the same way he had attacked Justice Amitava Lala four years ago for imposing restrictions on weekday rallies.

“The court is telling the government what to do and what not to do. Are the executive and legislature needed any more'” he said.

“In that case, raising judges’ salaries would ensure the functioning of democracy. Spending crores on elections can be done away with.”

A contempt case is pending against the Bengal CPM secretary for his tirade against Justice Lala, when he had said: “Lala, Bangla chhere pala (Lala, quit Bengal).”

As Konar took up the cudgels for the police against the court, he almost echoed former city police commissioner Prasun Mukherjee’s comment that if the police didn’t get “involved” in Rizwanur Rahman’s marriage, “do you think the PWD will'”

“The high court said the police firing was unconstitutional…. What is the police’s job' Are they supposed to teach and draw pictures, act in films and make films'” he said.

“My lord (the chief justice), excuse me, there is a police escort when you move around. The police are posted at your home. What do they carry, revolvers or gangajal'”

Konar said the “intellectuals” criticising the government had “embarked on a suicidal movement”.

“They are being fed false reports by the media. I would like to caution them. Some of our front people are also betraying restlessness. Do remember that the Left Front can be stronger only if the CPM becomes stronger.”

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