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The Single Tingle
Advaita Kala didnít expect her book to create waves. After all, the large-framed single woman, who lives alone in Delhi and heartily dislikes the smug married types with hyphenated surnames, is an unlikely protagonist for an Indian novel. ď...  | Read.. 
A spell to get well
Kamala is walking down the garden path, smelling the roses. Now she is above the ground, floating with the white clouds. S ...  | Read.. 
The Princess and I
She is a bit like Lady Di herself. Tall and svelte with highlighted blonde hair, Tina Brown faintly resembles the subject of ...  | Read.. 
The cup runs over
Some storms are believed to rage in tea cups. And on many occasions, they are known to brew dreams that go on to feed an enti ...  | Read.. 
Itís the media, stupid!
celebrity circus
ďTheir (Columbia Tristar and Bhansaliís) ploy is to piggyback on OSO to make Saawariya seem as big as my film. But ...  | Read.. 
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The Single Tingle
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