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Meet the game gurus
A still from Moonstruck

Most PC games developed in India are 2D while the 3D versions are programmed abroad. 3D Titans, a group of Calcutta-based game developers, claim to be “the only 3D shooter game developers in Calcutta”. Alip Kumar Saha, Ranjan Sengupta, Supratim Ray and Bidyut Das comprise 3D Titans, which started with 25 people in 2004 under the banner of Exoteric Studios.

The team released Moonstruck in 2006 — a sci-fi game based on the future, taking gamers ahead to 2150 AD. “The game is set 150 years in the future when the Earth will not be worthy to live in and people will migrate to the lunar surface. It starts in a Y-shaped tunnel with three semi-spherical domes,” says Alip. The hero of the game, the first-person shooter, is equipped with four guns and has to escape from 27 enemies in each dome.

After the success of Moonstruck, 3D Titans began to work on Indian TPS, a game inspired by Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster, Sholay. “Gaming is a fun experience and players like to believe they can control the moves of their favourite stars, which is why I plan to make games based on Bollywood and Hollywood films,” smiles the developer.

The team, now comprising only Alip and Ranjan, is working on its current project Bonny Balls, a game that ranks above Moonstruck in terms of “light mapping”, representation and interactive visualisation of surface light fields in any 3D scene. The one game Alip wishes he could have developed was Tomb Raider with a 3D model of Angelina Jolie, Prince of Persia or even Max Payne. “Next up is a racing game,” he signs off.

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