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Sing along, or else
Does duplicity have a face' There is no need to guess three times. To match the face, the chief minister of West Bengal has a double role besides his chieftainship: he is police minister and culture minister. He uses the police to protect his brand o...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Tall tales
Sir — One cannot discount the need for “fair journalism”, which seems to have inspired The Teleg ...  | Read.. 
Dark thoughts
Sir — Badrud Doza, senior lecturer in genetics at Amritsar, has re-confirmed the obvious — skin col ...  | Read.. 
There are two types of police in West Bengal. The first consists of those who refuse to take action even when there is a clea...| Read.. 
These are awkward times for Pervez Musharraf. He cannot let go of his iron grip on the nation, now that he has managed, with ...| Read.. 
Decline and fall
How can anyone support or condone the brutal antics of the cadre of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) as well as the lac...  | Read.. 
A failing neighbourhood
The declaration of martial law in Pakistan on November 3 made the country a significant addition to the circle of failing states surrounding India. Myanmar under military rule...  | Read.. 
Beware of the Big Brother
It is never a clever idea to upset the world’s leading superpower, particularly when you are supposed to be a key ally fighting a common enemy. General Zia ul-Haq worked close...  | Read.. 
You can create a good impression on yourself by being right,... but for creating a good impression on others there’s nothing to beat being totally and catastrophically wrong. — G.K. CHESTERTON