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No mating with mum
If this wonder protein were present in humans, mythical Greek king Oedipus could have avoided an embarrassing situation. It would have helped the legendary king of Thebes know that Jocasta — whom he married and had children by — was actually his mother, and thus perhaps averted a travesty of fate. ...  | Read.. 
Difficult war to win
It is one of those studies where you know the outcome before you start. Doctors at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago analysed data in the ...  | Read.. 
The colugo gets close
The colugo, a southeast Asian mammal that resembles a flurry kite when it glides from tree to tree, has been found to be the closest surviving kin of ...  | Read.. 
It’s all in the name
The Haversian canals, isles of Langerhans and Broca’s area aren’t destinations on a map: they’re parts of the human body (in the bones, ...  | Read.. 
No mating with mum
Deadly dung
Dengue or chikungunya'
Blue screens of death
Bits & Bytes / SURIT DOSS
q+a My computer suddenly restarts with messages such as “memory dump…” or “memory mismatching something about BIOS”. I use Windows XP Professional. Please help. ...  | Read.. 
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Why do certain items glow in the dark'